Minor Institutes

Foresight Organization:

The Galactic Foresight Organization traces its origins to before the conclusion of the Built-Organic Wars, when the Hydrogen and Oxygen Breathers established an inter-species, inter-order body to regulate the manufacture of intelligent or self-replicating machines and machine programs.  After the Built Capitulaitons ending the Built-Organic wars, the G.F.O.'s madate expanded to include monitoring of Built uplift.  The G.F.O. works closely with the Galactic Uplift Institute in the regulation of uplift in Built civilization, with the G.I.M. in regulation of self-replicating machines used in terraforming, and with the Galactic Library to insure that records freely accessible to Main Sequence Organic species include only plans for non-organic species that require "keys" issued solely by the G.F.O.  G.F.O. relations with the G.I.P.P.N. and with mining and heavy manufacturing industries have always been very difficult.

        The G.F.O. is very disturbed by the fact that Humans conceived of both self-replicating and intelligent built life prior to Contact, and were actively involved in research on both fronts at the time.  The G.F.O. is still trying to rally enough Galactic pressure to force New York to grant G.F.O. agents carte blanche inspection privileges in Terragen research facilities.


Inter-Species Academy for Sophont Language and Communication:

the primary function of the I.s.A.S.L.C. is to provide norms and standards for the twelve accepted O-2 languages and approved variants of the twelve languages.  Smaller Faculties within the Academy focus on description and analysis of the actual use of the twelve O-2 languages, unofficial languages used by some O-2 sapients, inter-order communication, rhetoric, and pure communication theory.  The Academy works closely with the Galactic Unified Institute of Standards and Inter-Species Trade.
      Anglic, and especially Trinary, have caused minor concern among some Fellows and Associates of the Academy because of what seems to be an "infectious" principle in these dangerously irrational and ambiguous primative dialects.

Navigation Institute:

Headquartered on Oakka.  Its functions include mapping and marking hazards to inter-stellar navigation, documenting jump-lines, and establishing guidelines for space-worthiness, especially for commercial inter-stellar vessels.  Internal caucuses represent the concerns of ship owners, ship builders, and those who labor in the inter-stellar transit trades.  The G.N.I. is a  minor institute --it is closely affiliated with the Galactic Unified Institute of Standards and Inter-Species Trade.

Institute for the Promotion of Progress and Newness:

A small unimportant society, to which all Alliance for Progress clans belong, that endeavors to carry out a mandate of the Progenitors to foster Newness and Progress.  The G.I.P.P.N. is the only institute to spontaneously and assertively welcome Terragen participation.  Terragens (and the other A4P clans) are among the G.I.P.P.N.'s most important constituencies.  Since Humans were discovered by the Tymbrimi, Institute of Progress activity per unit of time has nearly doubled, and there seems to be some acceleration in the rate of activity itself.
        (See also, Syrtainq Es a-Synthian, Perspectives on Information Stability in the Galactic Library During the Last 227 Hab-Years: Considerations of Scale and ScopePresented at the ninth meeting of the Inter-Clan Conference of Alliance for Progress Associations for Encyclopedia Development, Library Studies, and Synthetic Research.)

Institute of Tradition:

The ultimate arbiter in Galactic space.  Strictly speaking, there is no codified Galactic Law per se, but only a body of tradition, subject to interpretation.  Though in many ways the G.I.T. resembles a minor institute, it functions as the court of last appeal in Galactic Civilization.  Also, every Fellow of the Galactic Institute for Civilized Warfare takes an oath to respect and uphold the decisions of the G.I.T.

Unified Institute of Standards and Inter-Species Trade:

The Institute, in its current form, dates from the aftermath of the Tarseuh victory, when the separate Institutes of Standards and of Trade merged.  At present, the G.U.I.S.I.s.T. is an analog to those inter-governmental organizations of pre-Bureaucracy Earth --such as the World Trade Organization --that established international standards for trade.  The G.U.I.S.I.s.T. also sets and maintains numerous O-2 standards for measurment and technological protocols.  It works closely with the Galactic Navigation Institute and the Inter-Species Academy for Sophont Language and Communication.  (See Also: Morgran)

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