"Wolfling" is the Anglic translation for the popular, and condescending, Galactic term referring to a starfaring race that effectively completed uplift without benefit of a patron.  The Humans of Terra are the only current race to be known as wolflings.  Wolflings have been abandoned by their patrons and are regarded as half-animal.  They are traditionally censured for being highly --and inherently --deviant by most Galactic species.  Wolflings are often associated with times of great change that sweep through the galaxies every few hundred million years.  Wolflings are normally a thing of legend, but whenever a wolfling race is discovered, a myriad of small cults and religious heretics preach the return of the Progenitors --though the Progenitors or their Ghosts have yet, in fact, to manifest themselves under such stimulus.

Since wolflings are contrary to all known Galactic Traditions, especially Uplift, they are usually persecuted to the point of extinction within a few thousand years.

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