Hydrogen Breathers

H-2 life-forms are classified by habitat --namely Browns (Hydrogen breathers who live in brown dwarfs), Jovians, and Neptunians.  Curiously, while higher environmental temperatures are positively correlated with faster rhythms among O-2 species, the reverse is the case among H-2 life-forms.  Though chemical processes do occur at faster rates, Hydrogen breathers who evolve in hot environments are larger (and lighter) than their colder cousins.  Hence, Browns are the largest and slowest of the H-2 breathers.  The occurrence of Browns is limited by the occurrence of brown dwarfs.  Jovians are also quite large and slow (though less so than Browns), and are much more common than the other two kinds of Hydrogen breathers.  Neptunians are the rarest of the Hydrogen breathers due to the low frequency of neptunian planets with complex ecologies.  However, Neptunians are active neptuniformers, and are enjoying a secular increase in population.  Though still immense and slow by O-2 standards, Neptunians are the smallest of the Hydrogen breathers and much faster than their cousins.  (See also, gas giant.)

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