Human colony in the Canaan Cluster.  Another thrashed planet given to Humans.

Deemi is host to a Galactic detention colony.  Maintenance of the facility is required by the Galactic Institute of Migration leaseholdThe Detention Zone itself is under supervision of the Galactic Uplift Institute.  The Zone mandate calls for holding all manner of sapients, from hardened galactic criminals to pitiable uplift monstrosities.  However, G.U.I. standards and expectations are minimal.  At present the Confederation operates the facility on a shoe-string budget.  This means that for the time being, the Deemi Detention Zone has only three kinds of custody, only one of which is even moderately supervised.  The highest level of detention is the "Outer Zone."  Most residents of the zone live in the Outer Zone, often called the "Outland."  Minimal supervision insures that the Outland combines the worst aspects of a frontier town with the most notorious features of a pre-Bureaucracy Quarantine City, such as the infamous Watts Prison CityThe Zone Administrative District is patrolled by guards.  It houses Detention Zone workers, "trustees," those who cannot in good conscience be consigned to the Outer Zone, and many free settlers.  The lowest level of security is Planet-Wide Liberty.  This is reserved for those who a) have committed no crime by Terragen standards and who b) can cope with Terragen society.  Liberated individuals are occasionally given permission to travel within Terragen space after ten years of solid civic participation on Deemi.  Their descendants are usually issued permanent Confederation residence permits.

Deemi is bathed in excessive hard ultra-violet radiationTerrestrial biomes are generally impoverished.  However, Deemi's oceans teem with life.  The aquatic biomes are generally complex, and host higher, vigorous --and frequently deadly --life-forms.  Deemi has the beginnings of a respectable Fin colony.  The Terragen Institute for the Promotion of Sapience is optimistic about finding promising uplift candidates in the waters of Deemi.

[See also, Goldwaite Desert Research Station]

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