Miscellaneous astrographic entries

Fractal System:

Home of the Old OnesFractal system technology uses a sphere of diffusing crystals to greatly increase a star's habitable zone.


In what was formerly Galaxy 2-of-5, Izmunnuti system.  The last legal tenants were the Buyur but it has been occupied by seven sooner races for 2000 years.  Jijo has three moons: Torgen, Loocen, and Passen, smallest.


A star in the same system as the planet Jijo.



Swampy home world of the Jophur.


Fonnir Homeworld.  Located in the same sub-sector as Earth.


A green, soap-like, water world.  Headquarters for the Galactic Navigation Institute.


Both the system and main planet of the system where the J'8lek clients broke their indenture.


Pilan home world.  This planet has 1.5 Earth-gravities and orbits an F3 dwarf star with greenish light.  It was licensed to the Kisa, who were then recently free of their indenture to the Soro, as a Class C colony (residence no longer than 300 million years).  The Kisa lease began 200 million years after the departure of the Mellin, who occupied it for 600 millennia.  The Kisa found the proto-Pila here.

Poria Outpost:

Danik base.


Poul-Kren Subquadrant:

Close to the Orion sector and Canaan colonies.  Negotiations with the Hydrogen breathers frequently occur in this sector.  Earth has been party to some recent negotiations in this sector with H-2 species.


Pring home world.  Pring orbits an F7 star.  Licensed to the Pila shortly after the Pila broke their indenture.


Urs home world.  Most moisture on Urchachka is held in the roots and stems of the dense mats of the plant life that cover most of the planetary surface.  The great majority of plants are grass-like due to co-evolution with grazing macro-fauna.  The proto-Urs were the only major macro-faunal predators on Urchachka prior to Urs uplift and subsequent urbanization on the planet.
        Lack of free water in any form has resulted in many Urchachkan life-forms (including modern Urs) being unusually intolerant of liquid water.

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