Earth Clan

Earth Clan (also called Clan Terragen) consists of the Humans and their two clients, Neo-Dolphins and Neo-Chimpanzees.  The species that make up Earth Clan are connected through bonds of Uplift and their common homeworld Earth.  Ruled by the Terragen Council, the three races have equal political standing in the Terragen Confederation.  One of the most amazing things about Earth Clan (besides being headed by a Wolfling race) is that the client races have equal standing with their patrons.  Note that the Humans have even gone to the point of not referring to the clan by the name of the senior species.  Radically egalitarian Terragen ideas have stirred up quite a controversy in the Galaxies, not least among the Client races.

Clan Terragen is an impoverished clan-alliance, mainly because the Humans came into Galactic society without an interstellar economy.  They are sorely behind most other races in technology.  The clan exacerbates its underdevelopment by irrationally clinging to their primitive wolfling "science" in preference to the vast, well proven information in the Galactic Library.  The Humans and Neo-Chimpanzees of Earth Clan have also refused to use superior Galactic Languages instead of their primitive tongue "Anglic."  Similarly, the Neo-Dolphins have refused to replace their oddly unique language "Trinary."  Anglic is the primary official language, with Delphin Trinary as a secondary official language.

Earth Clan currently has treaties with Clans Tymbrim, Synthian, Kanten, and Thennanin.  Most of the ideologically fanatical clans are openly at war with Earth Clan.   Meanwhile the vast majority of moderate clans will deliberate for centuries before deciding on which side to join forces with.  This may, however, be too late for either side.

Earth Clan has ten GIM planetary leaseholds, including colonies on the planets of Omnivarium, Hermes, Calafia, Atlast, Garth, Deemi, Horst, and their home worldEarth, as well as smaller outposts in these systems.

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Adapted from an article in Tim Robinson's Galactic Library