Among Human wolflings criminal behavior has always been a major social problem.  In addition, differences of conviction and opinion between Humans (and Terragens in general) constantly work against social cohesion and unity.  Further compounding problems produced by unusually high rates of crime and cultural deviance were various neuro-physical pathologies that were not treatable throughout the vast majority of Human history.

By about 80 BxY pre-Contact Wolfling technology had reached the point that Terragens no longer faced a stark choice between identifying criminals based exclusively on demonstrable prior behavior, or pre-preemptively criminalizing entire sub-populations based on real (or supposed) statistical proclivities toward undesirable behavior or personality patterns.  A battery of genetic, endocrinological, and psychological tests allowed precise personality evaluations in the Neo-Chimp uplift project.  The government then developed a similar battery of personality exams for use on Humans.  When satisfied with the results, the Politburo of the International Union decided to enact the first Probationary Laws, that were then duly enacted by the General Assembly.

The contemporary Terragen regime, known as the Bureaucracy, had already adopted a preventative policy of crime management.  The first probationary tests were used on suspect populations with the goal of reducing costs and increasing the efficiency of surveillance.  However, the first probationary program proved so effective and inexpensive that it was extended to the entire population except for ranking members of the Progressive Union of Scientists and Technicians.

Despite the invasive nature of the Probationary Laws, they reduced all categories of crime by orders of magnitude within just a few months.  Crime had been cured in Terragen society.  Not surprisingly, the probationary regime was immensely popular, and still is.  Indeed, Galactic Traditions of collective responsibility only reinforce commitment to the Probationary Laws.

The probationary regime applies to all Terragen Confederation citizens.  (Note that Venusians and some individuals from Atlast are not Tg.C. citizens per se.)  Based on actuarial risks, individuals may be ineligible for certain occupations or denied the right to travel abroad without supervision.  More seriously impaired individuals are said to have Permanent Probationary Personalities, and are closely monitored and prohibited from interacting with non-citizens.  In extreme cases they may even be prohibited from interacting with children or compelled to wear active monitors.  Among client species permanent probationers are denied reproductive privileges.

Though sophisticated, the probationary exams are not immune to the occasional false negative.  Individuals who engage in a wide range of socially disruptive acts may be put in either temporary observational probation or in remedial probation.  In either event, the offender is --of course --required to submit to another battery of probationary exams.

Despite their popularity, the Probationary Laws have themselves become an eternal point of ideological conflict.  In broad terms, there are three distinct camps.  The centrists form the largest camp.  They are basically satisfied with the probationary scheme as it is.  Centrists generally advocate small reforms and minor adjustments in the administration and regulation of the Terragen Confederation's probationary, eugenic, and penal regimes.

The second largest group advocates extension of eugenic regulations to the Confederation's Human population.  This point of view is well monied and represented by several formal organizations.  Those advocating this point of view are self-aware and well organized.  They take pride in being called "Eugenicists."

On the left extremists advocate radical and dangerous policies that would seriously weaken or eliminate the Terragen probationary apparatus.  Though small, fragmented, and ill funded, this camp is noted for dedication and passion.  It also has access to a surprising depth of political experience because several families and groups that originally exploited the early probationary laws to overthrow the Bureaucracy now favor repeal of the Probationary Laws.  Indeed, many even favor extending the odd Human market in reproductive rights to all Level Two or higher client species, replacing the current merit based "color-card" system of reproductive regulation in whole or part.

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