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Alreg Scientific is a Linux software consulting company. We provide expert technical consulting and software development for many Linux distributions, especially Debian GNU/Linux. We specialize in networked servers, Internet services, communication software, systems development, systems integration and data security.

Why Linux?

Linux is the next "big thing" in computing after the Internet. The flexibility, power, efficiency, and cost savings are already clear to the millions of users who have already made the switch to Linux on the server, and even on embedded and desktop platforms.

What can Alreg Scientific do for you?

Alreg Scientific has over ten years of solid Linux expertise. We can help you plan your Linux migration strategy, port existing software to Linux in an efficient manner, and design and implement new requirements on Linux platforms.

We are presently available for Linux consulting services. Please contact us to find out how we can help you start using Linux in your business today.

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