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Alvin's Wehrmacht Homapage, OstBattalion43 is a non political historical reenactment group.  We are not related to any Racist, Neo-Nazi, paramilitary, supremacist etc organisations. We study the German army purely for reenacting and historical purposes only. If you want to join and have any Neo-Nazi thoughts.  Sorry, this is  NOT the place for you. Go look elsewhere!
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Web awards
02 08 07 - We will be putting up our BIGGEST WW2 display at the NEtwork Conference on August 14, 2007 - CLICK HERE FOR INFO NOW!!!

18 05 06 - Completely revamped the
Wartime photo pages and included many new rare pictures!

15 01 06 - Plastic models German M39 and Japanese Type 97 grenade
assembly page!

01 01 06 -
Glückliches neues Jahr zu alle! - Let's start this year with the restoration of an Original Gas Mask Can!

23 09 05 * Stop the press! *
Unit article featured in UK magazine! Click to read more!

20 09 05 - Group photos are up! Click this link!

Check out our sister unit in Singapore. 

1st SS Leibstandarte Adolf Hitler

The gruppen have also started a WW2 Japanese Army impression and the website is up and running! Bookmark it now!
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