Hey my fellow friends! My name is Amanda Kay and I go to Pilot Butte School I'm 13 and in Grade 8. I have Brown hair and Brown eyes. I'm short, I like to play basketball and soccer. I love to go diving and swimming, also going Camping at last mountain Regional Park. Most of my family members take swimming  lessons there and we have lots of fun! We all know lots of people there as well .

I  live on the Murray Golf Course. But half of the summer I'm not there because we go Camping and it is lots of fun!!

 These are all my family members:

Justin, Leroy ,Lisa, Kayla, Tyson,  Kane, Kazz. We all so have 3 cats and 1 dog her name is Duchess, and our 3 cats are Spook and Streak, Oreo. That is all my information that I have about me and my life. we live in a big brick house it is red and you can't miss it because it is right in the middle of the golf course. Enjoy my web site!