I went to Art on the Green twice this weekend. Saturday with Austin and mom, and Sunday with Nikki. It was fun. Saturday, I spent a lot of time juggling and playing w/ clay. A couple of teenage guys tried to teach me how to juggle. it was fun. :-) They're the hot one helping the kid balance on the board (he helped me too. ;-) ), and the guy w/ 5 balls in the air at once. I also stood on the large plastic ball the kid is standing on, but I dind't try to juggle on it. Sunday we walked down Sherman Avenue, and then through the booths at Sherman Park. Nikki bought lots of stuff. She's helping the economy! :-) lol. It was a lot of fun. I had no money, so I couldn't buy anything, but I got some birthday ideas. (The Rambling Rose is awesome!!!) We watched candlemakers as well in the park. It was really cool how they worked. I took a before picture(almost, I was a little late in taking it), a during picture or 3, and an after picture.