Basically, nothing. I've been considering turning my D&D campaign into a book. I want to write an actual book. Oh. I did write some poetry over the summer. Some of that needs edited. I'll put the stuff that needs edited up here.
Where can I find a haven of peace
An escape into my soul?
How can I listen to the whisper of my heart,
When I can find nowhere to go?

Will you show me somewhere that I can be safe,
Away from this judgemental crowd?
Please give me a shelter far from this place,
And the abuse of the spiteful and the proud.

Protect me from the pain I must bear;
Help me let go and lie down.
Hide me from the ridicule and fear
I feel when my heart speaks out loud.
By a family who whon't let go
Every place and tiem I go, they are there.
Born in a web of guilt and control
Beauty and love entreat me betray myself.
Trust and logic swear they are right.
My life given over to a lie.
Let into bondage by rifraff 2000 years dead.
Bitter, but smyathetic with my loving captives
A frozen monolith in a sea of conformity.
Hiding truth and self for fear of deeper enslavement.
My "brothers" and "sisters" won't let me go.
When I need to talk with my heart,
I find a quiet place away from the crowd.
Where the energies of life do not overcome
The quiet energies of my heart.

I sit, or lie calmly, and listen
Unweaving the feelings I feel.
I ask my heart a question,
Then unthread the tapestry of emotion
That is my heart's response.

When the torrents of life overcome me,
I go to my quiet place.
I hide in my shelter of silence,
To listen to the sounds of my soul.
What is my life?
Is it popularity and pride?
Or money, possessions and success?
Who is number one?
Is it me--selfish, cruel, uncaring.
Or the child on the street:
The poor, the helpless, the gentle.
What is life?
What is success?
To succeed is not to garner money,
Possessions, wealth and fame.
To succeed is not to gather knowledge
Degrees,books and data.
Success is knowing hwo you are;
Knowing worht apart from wealth;
Finding peace and joy and love.
The Trail to Saint Joe Lake
My trip began early that day,
I hiked a rocky, winding trail
To a placid aquamarine lake.

The beauty of Saint Joe Lake left me in such awe
I was silent.

A crystal stream cools my feet,
The spring wind fills my ears,
A white tailed deer fills my sight.

Beauty and peace surround me like a heavenly blanket.
I am silent.

The scent of flowers fills the air,
An ancient cabin creaks and sighs,
A mountain lake sparkles in greeting.

Shades of aquamarine cry out to me.
I am silent.