As I sit down in the hard, cold desk, I merely exist. The life inside of me is there, but not fully awake. Then the rain begins. Its power awakens an Amazon woman within my heart, and suddenly, I am alive! I am one with the water, leaping over moss and rocks, around trees and down hills. Drenched and vivacious I surge down the mountain, leaping high in the air with each clap of thunder. The power of the storm fills me to the brim, driving me to breakneck speeds. I leap over a log and land on a shale cliff. My strides stretch out to keep ahead of the avalanching rocks, invigorating me as I stay just one leap ahead of a fall. Crashing into the creek ahead of me, I splash through the icy water as rocks crash down behind me. Once I arrive at the other side I am assaulted by hail. It stings, so I scurry toward a large Douglas Fir to take shelter. Cold and wet, my hair a mass of tangled vines, I watch from between the branches like a caged animal. Hail and rain subside, and I am free to dance again. With a feeling of freedom in my heart, I return to the conventional world, hoping to let the Amazon inside of me dance another day.

Andromegwen intro

This is a story I started working on a few years ago. I stopped working on it after a while, so this is just a little blurb, that I wrote as the introduction. It's a fantasy story about the creation of a new world by four demi-gods. If you have any better suggestions for the title, please give them to me.
Not complete.

Centipedes and Talking Horses

This is a short story I wrote for english class last year. It's about the adventures of my friend and I when we were about 9 years old. We hunted insects and played with small plastic horses.

Space: The Human Frontier

I began this story for english class, but I liked it, so I wrote some more. It's in the format of diary entries of the crew of a ship about 20 years in the future on their way to Mars.
Not complete.

My Autobiography

Poem about Dolphins

Persuasive Essay

Is it Really Just a Piepan?

Research Paper

A response to music

A response to the story of Oscar Shindler during WWII

Wayne Gretsky and the Alabama Titans

Summary and response to a Pilates article

Boring and innaccurate, but here.

The Space Story, again (possibly different)

poem about a gorgeous lake

an attempt at a scary story

A response to The Crucible

Paragraph about personal freedom

Visualizing Story


A response to the opera Carmen.

How to Catch a Prarie Dog

My (so far) untested theory.


An attempt at a humorous speech outline. If you want to use it, just ask.

Video Game Research Paper

Supposedly a research paper on video games.

The Taming of the Shrew

A response to The Taming of the Shrew

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