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Hey.. hello Welcome to Gabrielle, The Amazon Princess. The Ultimate site about the bard, warrior and friend (and of course how ever you want to call her ;D) Already a new month. Means the new pic above is up. Almost going going to the summer. Means a long holiday ;). Going to Spain (for the first time) Sadly petitiononline has removed my petition so the link down there won't work work. Don't worry I will create a new one. Besides I see at more point you can download completely so that's cool to. Updates are still beneath! Well that's all. Ow yeaah.. Wanna see my site?.. Ready to enter my site? Get set and go.. Walk into my palace for Reneé O’Connors Amazon Princess


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I will have a big update in two weeks! Till then there won't be one

Week 21.. Not much. I added one member (Terri) to "The Just Gabby Fanlist" so right now there are three members. Don't forget to add yourself!!
Week 20.. Sadly I had no update since I was really busy with school (well I still working for school) and I was asked to work in a cafe as well so.. sorry!
Week 19.. I made a Renee.. which will be online for one month. Please try out the Dutch Version or the English Version. This means I deleted the One against an Army quiz. I awarded one award to Martha who won the OAAA quiz. I decided to create a list of everyone who wins an award at my quiz. The one who wins most will recieve a big award at the end of the year..

This webpage was brought up at February, 12 2001

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