Canoe trips in the Amazon Rainforest Jungle

...and you can experience the adventure of the Amazon rainforest
in our Pacaya-Samiria National Reserve canoe trips.
Jungle canoe trips are organized by two companies that have years of experience providing jungle camping expeditions in the Amazon of North Eastern Peru. Los Chancas Expeditions of Tarapoto and the Company of Tourist Services and Ecological Protection, Lagunas S.A. of Lagunas. The Company of Tourist Services and Ecological Protection, Lagunas S.A. was formed in 1999 by the City Government of Lagunas and the 20 guides of the town who have been taking visitors into the reserve for many years.
Gamaniel Valles SanchezGamaniel Valles Sanchez is President of the The Company of Tourist Services and Ecological Protection, Lagunas S.A. And has many years of experience guiding visitors in the Pacaya-Samiria National Reserve.



Chancas Expeditions is located in Tarapoto, gateway to the Peruvian Amazon basin, and has been providing whitewater rafting and kayak trips in the high jungle and camping trips in the low jungle since 1994.
Al TwissAl Twiss is the owner of Chancas Expeditions and guides Whitewater trips and River Expeditions. He is originally from Canton, Ohio and has lived for the past 16 years in the Peruvian Amazon.


Ivan Twiss
Ivan Twiss was born in Los Angeles, California. Ivan has spent most of his life in Peruvian Amazon. When not working as a whitewater river guide in California he guides our rafting and kayak trips.


In addition we work with two European experts in the biology of the Peruvian Amazon Rainforest who
explain the rainforest biology and provide translation into English, French and German.
Stéphanie Gallusser
Stephanie Gallusser was born in Lausanne, Switzerland. She currently divides her time between teaching fellowship 5 months of the year at the University Neuchâtel in Switzerland and doing research for her Doctoral thesis on butterflies in Tarapoto, Peru. Stephanie speaks French, Spanish and English.


Rainer Schulte
Rainer Schulte is a German biologist, expert on reptiles and amphibians with two books published in German on the subject of Poison Dart Frogs of Peru and one to be published soon in English. He has lived in Peru for 20 years where he has discovered several previously unknown species of Poison Dart Frogs. He is President of INIBICO an NGO that studies the biology of the High Jungles of the Eastern slopes of the Andes. Rainer speaks German, English, Spanish and French.
For reservations or more information contact:
Chancas Expeditions
Jiron Rioja 357, Tarapoto, Peru
Telephone: 51-94-52-2616