Canoe trips in the Amazon Rainforest Jungle
...and you can experience the adventure of the Amazon rainforest
in our Pacaya-Samiria National Reserve canoe trips.
Chancas Expeditions and the Company of Tourist Services and Ecological Protection, Lagunas S.A. provide complete service trips into the Pacaya-Samiria National Reserve. These trips include transportation to Lagunas, an English speaking guide, local guides, camping equipment, dugout canoes, water treatment, hotel accommodations, all meals from arrival in Tarapoto until end of service.
This trip is offered from the last week of June until mid October, the low water season in the Pacaya Samiria Reserve. The best months for viewing animals are July, August and September.
We can also provide customized trips into the Pacaya-Samiria National Reserve according to your needs such as: reduction or increase in number of days and transportation by air to Lagunas and return.
Pacaya - Samiria National Reserve
Your Amazon Rainforest jungle canoe trip.
Day 1: On your arrival in Tarapoto, a booming tropical city whose principal activities are commerce and farming (rice, corn, coffee,cacao, heart of palm and tobacco), you will spend the evening in a Three Star Hotel with pool.


Day 2: After breakfast you will travel by road through the last chain of mountains of the high jungle to the low jungle city of Yurimaguas and you will board a motorboat for the 6 hour trip to the town of Lagunas where you will register in the Alojamiento Miraflores. After registering you will have time to visit the town. In the evening, after dinner, there will be a orientation to acquaint you with your guides and what to expect.
Trail to put-in Day 3: After breakfast you will depart for our put-in on a tributary of the Samiria River, the put-in is a two hour walk or you can ride on a horse drawn cart. We begin our trip in native dugout canoes paddled by your guides.
During the day we will have a cold lunch and camp for the evening where your guides will prepare your meal. In the night you will paddle with your guides to look for the animals such as jaguars and tapirs that come to drink at the river.
Days 4-6: For the next three days you will travel by canoe stopping to take walks in the jungle where possible and viewing the incredible variety of animals that abound in the reserve. We will look for river otters, turtles,hoatzins, macaws, monkeys of various species, sloths, pink river dolphins,caimans, anacondas, herons and others. The evenings will be spent camping on beaches or under the forest canopy and the guides will explain the complexity of the Amazon rainforest.


Red Howler Monkey
Howler Monkey

Day 7: After breakfast we will retrace or journey to return to Lagunas. Register in the Alojamiento Miraflores. In the evening after dinner you can walk to the nearby Lake Lagunas to watch the local fishermen who fish at night.



Entrance to ReserveDay 8: We will return to Yurimaguas by motorboat and by land to Tarapoto where we will transfer you to a local three star hotel where you can relax by the pool.
Day 9: After breakfast you will have free time to visit local attractions or shop. In the afternoon you will have lunch and we will transfer you to the airport for the afternoon commercial flight.


OPTIONAL DAY: You can travel to the Aipena River, one hour by motor boat. Both pink and gray river dolphins are common in the Aipena River.

Saddleback Tamarin
Saddleback Tamarin

Dusky Titi Monkey
Activities involved: Travel by dugout canoe, short hikes, camping,
observation of plants and animals of the Amazon Rainforest.


Dusky Titi Monkey


Recommended for children over 12 years due to extended periods traveling by canoe. Little physical exertion required but due to traveling under the sun and rain of tropics participants should be in good health. (See recommendations).

Cost each for 9 days from Tarapoto:
USD $ 850.00 (Groups of 2 or 3 )
USD $ 775.00 (Groups of 4 or more)

Optional day to visit Aipena River: USD $ 75.00 each
For information or reservations contact:
Chancas Expeditions
Jiron Rioja 357,Tarapoto, Peru
Telephone: 51-94-52-2616


Last update April 10, 2002