Do You dare Enter the Territory of the Amazons!
The Warrior Women who Rule this Nation
can be Brutally Fierce ..some of the Images and
Information you will find inside are for adult viewing only!

The Information and Images have been collected
from other sites and used to put these pages together
and some of the best sites on Amazons I have come across
you will find there links inside!

A special Thank-You to Ulfarr for his most empressive work on the viking pages and for educating us in the ways of the viking
I one day hope to rebuild amazon nation and hope that the vikings will re join
with us and save theses wonderfull pages.
.... Our Thanks Ulfarr!!
Also A special Thank-You to sebastion for all his help
with the MB and the room Entry page and for allowing me to
have his beautifull writings to use. and Alter where
it was appropriate.... Our Thanks sebastion!!


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