Amazon Tree Boa
{Corallus Enhydris}

General Info : Amazons are alot like their cousin the Emerald Tree Boa in their arboreal habits and preferences, but are much smaller in terms of body mass. They also like to sit perched up in the trees, but not with the finese of the Emerald Trees. The coloration of these beautiful snakes varies from red to orange to yellow and some have no patterns on them.

Range & Habitat : These beauties can be found in West Indian Islands, South, and Central Americas, and in Forests with tall trees. They love to sit atop trees waiting for prey.

Appearance : A slender tree snake, some with dark markings and some with no markings at all. The young are more brightly colored than adults.

Size : These arboreal snakes may reach a length of around 6 feet.

Breeding : These Amazons bare live young with 10 to 20.

Feeding : They will eat small mammals, birds, lizards, and frogs.