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English Composition 1023.10
Spring 2007
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I am a student at Texas Womanís University, the Denton campus.  I am in the process of gaining my basic courses required for a degree in the field of nursing.  I am very passionate about becoming a nurse in the near future.  I have wanted to become a nurse for most of my life and Iím determined to do whatever it takes to accomplish this goal.  I chose to attend TWU the summer before coming to college.  My decision was made after being told how well the nursing program was here.  I was not sure how well the nursing program was at first but after almost two semesters, Iím sure that I made the right decision.
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This semester of Composition has been a good one.  I have learned my weaknesses and transformed them into strengths the best way that I can.  I kept the same instructor as I had my first semester because I enjoyed the way that she teaches.  The first semester of her class was somewhat difficult because I was used to her teaching methods, however, this semester has challenged me but also been an ease in comparison to the last semester.  I have been challenged by the amount of work that we had to have completed in a minimum amount of time and the amount of work having to be put into each assignment.  However, it gave me an opportunity to better my time management skills and be responsible when it came to my school work.  I think overall Iíve done well in the class and learned a lot from the course itself.
Reading journal articles and expressing our feelings before and after the articles being read was the first part of the semester.  We then used the journals that had been composed and wrote our first essay.  This did not take much time and was somewhat simple to do.  The next major assignment required also the reading of article and giving responses to them.  It was the same as the last assignment, a paper was composed after that as well.  However, after writing this paper, the class was grouped into couples and edited each others papers.  The second paper was then rewritten and turned in again.  The third paper was basically the brainstorming of the fourth.  We composed three different methods of pre-writing to establish the basis of our final paper.  The final paper was somewhat a continuation of the second paper but it was more in depth.  The work weíve done throughout the semester is demonstrated through this site.