and whoever else reads this!

I want a reindeer to pull me in a sleigh (Oh, and I need one of those too!) and I want a diamond tennis bracelet, and some other reeeeeeeeally expensive jewlery, and I want the new Our Lady Peace CD, and I want a new $300 show bridle, and I'd really like a Jeep, too, you know, a nice black one with roll bars. And lets see... I want a CD burner and a scanner, and maybe even a new compaq presario (with a blue face plate please!) with a pentium iii processor to go with the burner and scanner. And uh, I want a harness for the above mentioned reindeer and sleigh (and you know it would be really cool if the harness would fit a horse as well!) And a nice new mansion would look really good in my yard ( make sure it's the kind that comes with a stable and a heated indoor arena and large outdoor arena.) And I want Photoshop Deluxe for my computer, and Adobe Acrobat would be cool too. OH! And Macromedia as well. 

  But you know what I really want the most? To spend this wonderful time of year with all the people that I really love :-) And I want us all to have 
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