Welcome to Amber-Rainbow's Room!
Hello, my internet name is Amber Rainbow.
I was 7 years old when I began this web page in 2002.   I am 10 now and will update as often as I can.
Thanks for stopping by to visit my page.
I hope you have fun.  My Mama has helped me with the backgrounds but most of the links I have had to find myself.  It's a big job! I have written the emails to people to see if it's OK for me to put their things on my pages and I have typed some of the text or told Mama what I want on the pages.
Now, come along into my Rainbow Room and see what you can find in thisMagical Land.  Just click on Enter to go to my first page, or if you want to see what I have in my site, click on the Site Map.
You can contact me by email too, I'd like that!
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With Thanks!!
Updated 25th February 2009