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Amber is currently perfoming the role of Odette in Swan Lake (Sydney Season). The season ends on the 24th of April.
Along with the role of
Odette, she is also dancing in the corps de ballet, and was on ABC2's live coverage of Swan Lake as a royal guest.


3: Amber will be dancing the role of ‘Water’ in Stanton Welch’s ‘Sleeping Beauty’ on:
Tuesday, September 13
Thursday, September 15
Monday, September 19
Thursday, September 22
Friday, September 23
Saturday, September 24 (eveni


3: The Australian Ballet are currently finishing off their season of  ‘La Sylphide’ in Melbourne. Amber has or will be performing soloist roles on:
Saturday 19th (Mat) - Le Conservatoire
Monday 23rd Le Conservatoire
Thursday 24th La Sylphide
Saturday 26th (evening) - Le Conservatoire
Tuesday 29th La Sylphide
Wednesday 30th - Le Conservatoire

Amber also performed at the Sidney Myer Bowl, dancing 'The Nutcracker' with Matthew Lawrence. There is a picture of her in this in the picture



Amber is dancing Odette again in ‘Swan Lake’ in Brisbane on the 25th, and 28th of February. The other cast members include: Matthew Lawrence (Prince Siegfried), Lucinda Dunn (Baroness Von Rothbart), Jane Casson (Princess Royal), Andrea Parykn (Princess Royal) and Marc Cassidy (Earl). For a full list cli
ck here.

After the Swan Lake season, the Australian Ballet will be performing ‘La Sylphide’ in Melbourne. Also in Melbourne, the Australian Ballet will be performing at the Sidney Myer Bowl on Friday the 11th of March at 8pm. The gates open at 4pm. The Australian Ballet will present under the stars a dazzling selection of classical works, featuring ballet by some of the world’s most celebrated choreographers.

The evening promises to be a wonderful introduction to the magic of ballet, and features acts from Graeme Murphy’s critically acclaimed Swan Lake, Marius Petipa’s Black Swan and Nutcracker, Rudolf Nureyev’s Don Q, Maina Gielgud’s Rose Adagio and three works from 19th century master August Bournonville: Le Conservatoire, The Flower Festival at Genzano and the romantic masterpiece La Sylphide. Adding to the excitement of the night will be the announcement of the nominees for the 2005 Telstra Ballet Dancer Award.

In other news, I will be unable to update the website as often as usual. I am completing year 12 this year, and I have to do 20 hours of study a week, along with driving lessons, and ballet classes. To keep updated please go to t
he Australian Ballet Site  or Australian Ballet Society site. Thank you all for your continued support.



I hope you all had a good New Year and Christmas. The Australian Ballet begins rehearsals for 2005 on the 19th of January. Please remember
to email me if you have any articles or pictures on/of Amber.



Merry Christmas! The Australian Ballet are currently on their 3 week Christmas break, and will be back in 2005 to bring you Graeme Murphy's 'Swan Lake' in Brisbane (24 Feb - 2 Mar) and then 'La Sylphide' in Melbourne (18 Mar - 30 Mar) with guest artist Lisa Bolte, a former AB principal who retired in 2002 to prepare for the birth of her first child.

The 2005 season

Brisbane 24 Feb - 2 Mar

La Sylph
Melbourne 18 Mar - 30 Mar
Sydney 8 Apr - 28 Ap

Sydney 3 May - 23 May
Canberra 27 May - 1 Jun
Melbourne 9 Jun - 20 May

Melbourne 24 Jun - 5 Jul
Sydney 9 Nov - 28 Nov

La Bohème (West Australian Bal
Melbourne 25 Aug - 5 Sep

The Sleeping Bea
Melbourne 14 Sep - 24 Sep
Adelaide 4 Oct - 8 Oct
Sydney 2 Dec - 21 Dec

TWO. (with works by senior artist Tim Harbour, and corps de ballet member Kristy Biggs)
Sydney 3 Nov - 5 Nov

The AB will also be going to Europe with 'Wild Swans' (Denmark) and Graeme Murphy's  'Swan Lake' (Engl


The Australian Ballet is completing the 2004 season in Sydney with ‘Red Hot & New’ (6th December - 22nd December) and then will have a 3 week break before returning to work on the 2005 season.

Amber is listed to be dancing main roles in ‘Red Hot & New’ on:
Monday 6th - Aesthetic Arrest
Thursday 9th  - Aesthetic Arrest
Monday 13th - Aesthetic Arrest
Friday 17th - Aesthetic Arrest
Tuesday 21st - Aesthetic Arrest

This does not mean that she won’t be dancing any other nights, as it is extremely likely she will be in the corps most ni



Amber not only won the $20,000 Young Ballet Dancer of the Year award on the 10th, but also the $5,000 People's Choice Award. Thank you to everyone who voted for her. New pictures,and an article on her have been added. Thanks to everyone who has sent me information/pictures on her. I'm sorry I haven't replied, I have been very busy. The Australian Ballet are currently performing 'La fille mal gardée' in Syd


The Australian Ballet are currently in Melbourne getting ready to perform  'La fille mal gardée' (26 Aug to 6 September) and 'Red Hot & New' (Melbourne 10-21 September). Amber is Currently on tour for the Dancer's Company doing Clara in the Nutcracker with Craig Cathcart. They will be dancing in Alice Springs (August 4-7) and Darwin (August 11-13) Amber is nominated for the Telstra Young Ballet Dancer awards along with Craig Cathcart, Jane Casson, Adam Bull, Miwako Kabota  and Rachel Rawlins. You can
vote here. Amber has also been promoted to Coryphée, thanks to her amazing job as Odette in June, which I saw her in, on her first day - she was beautiful!