"Every time I died, I thought of you."
"Show me Heaven, Show me Hell, ....Show me what lies beyond."
"I love you. I've tasted hell.  I hate you.  I've seen heaven.  I know you.  I've found myself."
"Listen--Since long ago have I known you.  Those lives I remember and you do not."
"The TRUTH beyond Heaven and Hell is the SPIRIT of Man--his run through the fire and his Resurrection."
"-You'd be lost without the sins of your father."
"No matter if it's a broken heart or a broken sword..Things only have the power that YOU give them."
"You can call me, Dawn"
"A rose by Any name ..would still prick you with it's thorns."
"If you know you are lost, then you Must know you have a home somewhere."
"..You know there are no rules..ONLY RHYTHMS.  Rules go against the only constant which is change."
"Light without shadow is BLINDNESS."
"Darling, you need to have faith.  Without that what have you got?"
"We see what we choose to see and disregard the rest."
"The oppressed love the oppressors and cannot wait to follow their example."
"It's time to stand tall and fight crime."
"Everybody dies."
"The angels and demons...you're stronger than they are."
"Metaphors run as deep as you let them."
"I am the goddess of birth and rebirth.  We all have our roles to play."
"Strike while the iron is hot."
"I want you to be true to yourself."
"You know what you have to do...through the hardship and the tears--beyond heaven and hell."
"Without  mistakes, their can be no forgiveness, without forgiveness, their can be no love."  Thank you for visiting!"
Passages through the Castle
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The Return of the Goddess
"All things happen at once."
My Editorial page.   Forthright and brutally honest.
"I am love, I am God, I am Drama."
"Heaven for climat, Hell for society." (Interesting JML mispelled this)
"But first tell  me your name."
"Wake up."
"For the sake of YOUR HEAVEN I'll go.  This obviously means the world to you and I'm impressed by the fact you had the good sense to ask a woman for help."                
"Once long ago, before the end of our first songs, the Goddess journeyed to the edge of her world in search of knowledge and experience. She wished to solve all of the great mysteries, even the mystery of death."