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June 2007: A surprise reunion after 80 years!

Ray and Erma reminisce about their childhood in the same orphanage in the late 1920's.

About eighty years ago, these two residents were just kids growing up in the Lutheran Home for Children, a Joliet, Illinois orphanage. Imagine their surprise this year when they found they are now "neighbors" at Amber Ridge! Both are in their nineties.

As children, it was tough to be moved to an orphanage, and both Ray and Erma still remember the hard life there. Everyone had specific chores. One of Erma's responsibilities was helping to care for the youngest orphans. One of Ray's daily tasks was making sack lunches (consisting of one peanut butter and one jelly sandwich) for each of the school age children.

Today, however, they both agree that they still received a wonderful upbringing at the institution. The values instilled by their caretakers made a lasting impression.



A couple residents brought their pets along when they moved to Amber Ridge.

"Star boarders" this year are Kitty and Gizzy!


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