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Decendants of John Vaughan
                           Descendants and extended families of John Vaughan (1762-1842)
                                                and his wife
Nancy Callicott (1777-1858).

John Vaughan was about 15-16 years old when he enlisted in the Continental Army November 22, 1777 as a matross in Capt. William Brown's Maryland Artillery. He was promoted to gunner, then sergeant by the end of the War.  He was in many major battles and at one time was stationed at Valley Forge.  After the Revolutionary War John drifted into Charlotte County, Virginia where he met Nancy Callicott of the well to do Virginia Callicott Family.  Nancy's father Beverly would not give permission for Nancy's marriage to John, a man twice her age and probably not of the Callicott social status, so they "ran away" to Halifax County and were married October 16, 1794.  In 1800 John and Nancy relocated to land John had purchased in Hawkins County, Tennessee on the north side of Clinch Mountain on a branch of Little War Creek. John and Nancy's first two children were born in Virginia, the remaining eleven children were born in Tennessee.

Their children were James L. (m. Martha Vaughan) Beverly (m. Mary Ann Bostick), Mary Polly (m. John Gilliam), Rebekah (m. ? Roller/Rollen), Benjamin (m. Eve Everheart), Nancy (m. William Robens, then David Hickman), Mahala (m. ? Deckard), John, Jr. (m. Susan Mauk), Samuel N. (m. Malvina Church), Martha (m. ? Davis), Mary Jane (m. ? Gillean), George Washington (m. Mary Jane Brown), and James Jones Vaughan.

Samuel N. Vaughn, 9th child of John and Nancy, lived all his life on the farm in Hawkins/Hancock County, Tennessee.  Samuel's wife Malvina Church was the daughter of Henry C. & Mary Olive Allice Surginer Church.  Henry Church had served in the War of 1812 in Col. John Williams Mounted Volunteers.

The children of
Samuel N. Vaughn (1814-1863) and his wife Malvina Church (1818-1887) were: William (m. Sarah Ann Fletcher), John (m. Martha Catherine Lane), Evan, Julia Ann (m. George Emmitt Barrett), George Washington (m. Sara Caroline Snodgrass), Carter A. (m. Sarah Wilcox, then Matilda Eidson), Matilda (m. Louis G. Warner), and Hiram.
William Vaughn served in Company D, 5th Battalion TN Calvary, C.S.A.  After the War, in 1868, he married his cousin Sarah Ann Fletcher, daughter of William Fletcher & Emiline Church.  William & Sarah Ann relocated to Kentucky, later to Missouri, and in 1890 they joined William's brother George in Grayson Co., Texas.

After making two previous attempts, on his 16th birthday George Washington Vaughan was accepted into the Confederate Army.  He first served in Company G of the Second Tennessee Calvary and later was transferred to Company F Sixteenth Battalion.  After the war George was in Kentucky for a short time with relatives before moving on to Barry County., Missouri.  Family legend says George had been in Missouri during the Civil War.  It is believed  that he came through the area after having escaped capture by Union forces early in the War.  George eventually rejoined his Company in Virginia and served until the end of the War.

In 1868 George Washington Vaughan, Sr. married Sara Caroline Snodgrass, the daughter of Anderson Snodgrass and Elizabeth Arnhart, granddaughter of George Arnhart/Ehrenhardt and Kissiah BarnesGeorge and Caroline Vaughan were the parents of six children: George Jr. (m. Minnie B. Hale), Sam Houston (m. Lounette Chaney), Bettie Ann Melvina (m. Ples C. Davis), Wiley (m. his cousin Mollie Vaughn), John (m. Maggie Mae Allred), & Aubrey (m. Carrie Webb Smith).  Sam, Bettie Ann, and Wiley were born in Barry Coounty, Missouri and John was born in Johnson County, Texas.  After settling in Ida Community, Grayson County, Texas their last child Aubrey was born in 1881.  The family lived here for a period of 20 years and all the children grew to adulthood here and all except John were married here.  George's brother William lived here, his brother John possibly located in a nearby county.  George's sister Julia Ann lived near Lubbock, Texas and a first cousin, Samuel Alexander Vaughan, also lived in Grayson County.  George's sister Matilda also lived in Texas for a time but relocated to Missouri.

In 1901 George purchased land in Denton County and the family moved to Bolivar but in 1906 George and Caroline moved to Cozner community, later known as Vaughantown, near Sanger, Texas.  George was a farmer and was also in partnership with his son Aubrey in a general merchandising store at Vaughantown.  George was an excellent judge of horses and he also bought and sold horses and mules to the U. S. Army.  George died in 1920, Caroline in 1922; they are both buried in the Sanger Texas Cemetery.  At one time all their children lived near them in Denton County or adjoining Cooke County and many of their descendants still live in North Texas.  The ole Vaughan farm is now covered with the waters of Lake Ray Roberts.