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October 13 2009
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Why do we object to Breed Specific Legislation (BSL)? After all, the breeds we have are small and will never be targeted, right?


BSL is about restricting personal freedoms and rights, not about protecting the public. I'm the first to advocate putting an aggressive dog down; there are too many kind-natured dogs in need of homes. But breed is not the issue; aggression is. And almost all dog aggression can be traced directly to owner abuse.

BSL is about furthering the PETA mandate to remove from human contact or control all animals of every species.

Think how unfulfilled our lives would be if our cat was not there to greet us with a cheery 'chirrup' when we got home. What about all the vision-impaired people who have canine partners to help them live independend of other people. Or the police dogs that help find a serial killer. Or the therapy animals that bring so much life and joy to aged-care facilities, hospital children's wards and challegened kids schools?

Imagine a city devoid of pets. No people walking in the parks with their dogs. No cats curled up on sunny cushions. No birds, gerbils, snakes, lizards, for children and adults alike to care for. No fish tanks in the doctor's office. No pony rides for the kids at the fair. No horse shows. No Olympic showjumping team. No livestock 4-H.

Just try, if you will, to picture a world without pets. Could you live there? I could not.

PETA would have you live exactly there. Don't believe it? Open your eyes. And open your heart.

Please visit some of the links below for more information on BSL and why it is ineffective in controlling dog attacks.

Banned Breeds by Province

Ontario Pitbull Ban

Message to the Media


Defending Dog

Dog Play

For Pits' Sake

Animal Farm Foundation
Warning: Graphic pictures and dismaying information.
Please visit our
BSL page for more information and visit the link below:
Ingrid Newkirk Should Resign
Thanks to NoKillNow for the above information
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