Only virginal male and virginal female can get married (to make the first coitus). If the person is not a virgin, she(he) cannot copulate with somebody, except a spouse. If he(she) does not want more to be the spouse, should at first to divorce (to pay this sum (70 000 US dollars in 2000y.)) and only then to marry again.
More about divorces

Do you want to return the force and guard? You feel yourselves all the time weak and suppressed. It seems that the people suppress you? You with rage think of the people? And so on. It signifies that you have caused a physical damage to any person at one time. Pay to him(her) and all will be changed.
Do you want to return to yourselves pure hands and a trust of the people? Then put a thing (things) stolen by you on that place where you has taken it. If at you this thing already is not present then put another thing or money to this place, which should be equal or above to cost of the stolen thing.

What is a sin?

The sin is physical (and only physical operation of one animal against another of a same species (person against the person, dog against a dog etc.) or against property of this animal. It is impossible to make sin by "mind", "eyes" etc. The sins are forgiven never and nobody. The sins are only paid and only, naturally, material things having material assets, money, and also transactions. The sin cannot be made casually.
Each person is obliged to be sinless! The god does not need «repentance» in sins, but material payment.
The sin belongs only to that who has made it. If, for example a "general" or a "president" has sent "soldier" to kill, there will be guilty in murders only concrete soldiers which have made concrete murders, but not at all the "general" or the "president". Therefore it is impossible to speak, that, for example Stalin or Hitler have killed millions people. They are guilty only in those sins, which have made, personally, by theirs bodies.

The sins exist:

Material: larceny, robbery, damage or destruction of other's property. Larceny - when the person appropriates property of other person kept him(her) on any place conscious, without the purpose of pendant.
Also to material sins it is possible to refer a refusal of a child. The child is a debt and nothing but the debt for the parents. This debt belongs only to real father and mother. It is impossible to tell: " It is my child " (in a sense the property). The child does not belong to anybody, because she(he) owes to anybody nothing, if, certainly, she(he) has not done perpetrate the debts. It is impossible " to adopt" or" to refuse" a child. Refusal of the child is a sin. For other people this child is simple the person and they owe to her(him) absolutely nothing. Therefore requests of the parents to the other people "increase to me the salary, I need to feed the children" is simply funny. It must be not to react to similar requests. To react to it - signifies to make evil. Also in no event It must be not to react to desire of a mother to keep a child in the shelter or similar - it is an evil. Evils are a support to sins.
Also a "confiscation" of somebody's property - which can be made by "policeman" is a usual robbery, i.e. sin of the larceny. Thus "the judicial executors" - thieves, same, as, for example, thief who steals money from the pockets.
Physical sins: to strike the human, to cause the human physical violence, to kill the human. In sins there are no words "because", like " I have killed her(him), because... ". Any conscious impact of the person by the person, any conscious murder - sin. A "policeman" who has struck or who has killed a "criminal" the same siner as well as any other person, struck or killed person, as maniac - murderer, for example. The "soldier" which was "sent" " to war " and which has killed "enemy" - the murderer. It is impossible to send somebody somewhere against his(her) will, a concept "war" does not exist at all and the enemies (physical) can be only animals of other kind (wolves, tigers, dogs, influenza, AIDS etc.), i.e. any animal of other kind.
The deprivation of somebody's freedom is a physical violence as well, i.e. a sin. Therefore "to put" the person into "jale" - same sin as, for example to plunder a bank.
Sexual sins: to copulate with not a virgin, to copulate with other person already being not a virgin. So if the person will copulate with a not a virgin, these both persons make a sin simultaneously. But only one must pay; therefore usually the "pulling of a short blanket to each other" starts, as: "you are guilty, that has maimed my life! - No, you are guilty that has destroyed mine!"; but the time goes, and nobody is going to pay. But one should decide and pay "divorce payment".
It does not signify, that the coitus of any two virgin persones is normal. The people should have the sanction of a god to their coitus i.e. the love. Without love after a coitus people start to repel from each other, and it is sin already, which should be paid. The love is a feeling. It is impossible «to make a love». The love exists only between a virgin female and virgin male, because it is a feeling, and all feelings are from the god, and the god never will give feeling for the sin. The love disappears at the same time as a virginity does, therefore for example husband cannot tell to his wife «I love you» - it is a lie. Love - feeling one for both, if one person loves other that signifies both love each other. It does not exists unresponsive love. The coitus exists only for birth of a child.

More about divorces

The coitus is a confluence of two people in a one whole. The confluence not imaginary, but real, i.e. half of a body of one person belongs to other and on the contrary.
A virgin female has a 100 % - female biofield (if of course she has not made other sin and the malicious people do not take away her own biofield), a virgin male - a 100 % male biofield. After their coitus the biofields of them are intermixed, i.e. become neutral. If now for example other virgin female will copulate with this already man that biofield of this man will become more female, and the biofield of this already former virgin female will be in more degree female, than man's as well, but the part of this female biofield of her will be alien - from that first former virgin female. Naturally this person will begin to suffer, and there is a HELL itself. (Just because of such coituses appear "homosexualism", "lesbians", "pedophils", "sexual maniacs", and cetera.) At that first woman nothing will happen caused of coitus of her husband with other female, her biofield remain former - neutral, she nothing will feel nothing. Therefore person should not worry about that the husband (wife) will "betray",it will damage only to that who makes. A virginity is only for one time. To whom you have "given" yourself (copulate) - to that you are belonged. Want to return yourself to youself - pay.
Here about what the Christ spoke, speaking " Let your right hand does not know, what left makes". These words were intended for the people wishing to divorce. Because this person takes half of your body. In other words, let that person, which is situated in you and does not give divorce, can not control your operations related to the divorce. Because this confluence of the people, which arises because of coitus is constant, indissoluble, does not depend on a distance and is not controled by any of these people. And any actions does not exist which can divide these people, except one. It is a divorce payment or if to name as other word, alimonies. Because that money, which is paid by one person to another for want of "divorce" (i.e. When the stamp in the document is simply put,as: you are divorced, but it is not divorce absolutely), if at them the child was born when they were at a wedlock, actually are paid not to children, but as a divorce payment, i.e. the more person pays the spouse, the more and more these people come back each to themselves, to them own bodies , leaving from another's. As for the child, it is impossible to pay with him(her), she(he) always will be a child of the parents. The only, when the child is small, each of the parents should feed her(him) and to protect from an attack of animals of other kind, but in no event from the people. But this money, which are intended to a child, person should pay directly to child, instead of former spouse.

About the computer programs, films, musics etc.

The computer programs, films, musics recorded on magnetic carriers have not cost anything themselves. The magnetization of a diskette cannot cost, a diskette only can. Therefore it is impossible to say "the program have stolen", "the film have stolen" etc. A program, a film etc. is an outcome of a work, and the arrangement on fulfilment of any work is fixed by a god. If there was an arrangement on fulfilment of work and it was executed, it should be paid by whom there was an agreement. After the payment the person received the program can do with this program everything: to copy, to modify, to multiply for money etc, because the work is paid, and the program itself has not any cost.

About Jesus Christ

Jesus Christ was a usual human - not a god. In the beginning he was the pure, good, kind person. He was not obliged to care of siners. Simply seeing absurd and wild sufferings of some siners he as the kind person "has extended a hand of the help". But for payless siners it was not necessary. The energy for residing and probably of fulfilment of new sins was necessary only to them. They, "charged" by energy from Jesus, have begun "to press" on him in the interests of not wishing to pay siners. On the other side Christ was pressed by "pharisees", i.e. sinless people, which did not live their own lives (souls), and energetically "hung" on suffering siners, exhausting an another's thoughts, feelings, intentions, energy etc. Then the Christ has made a sin - overturned another's tables with another's property - coins. This sin is circumscribed in the Bible. Probably this sin was not first at Christ, but in an outcome Christ has become a not paying siner. He could not say anything important already, has lost a guard of the god (remember what he has shouted before he die: "God! Why have you left me?") and the malicious people have killed him. Remember it and make kindness secretly, for the malicious people have not found you.
Chorch "Dread of the god"