Hi, I am Amit Das - computer professional engaged in working for both National & International Clients. I am a graduate in Statistics from Presidency College, in Calcutta (now renamed as Kolkata). I have worked for a number of software houses in India and UK.
I am now based in Kolkata I work and live with my family. Ours is a small family with an adorable son called Avik.
Professionally I have always strived for working in web technolgies and my main focus area is internet. I have worked in the Financial & insurance sector for large corporate houses and some e-governance work in the Government Sector as well. I have been mainly associated in the role of a Consultant and Project Manager for the past few years. I have managed development of portals to building EAI tools. I have also managed development of Statistical packages for forecasting of stock prices, and real time parsing of stock data.
As regards my passions - it is music - I love listening to it - my favourites are Rabindrasangeet (Bengali songs of Rabindranath Tagore - West Bengal's one and only USP); besides this I like Bengali songs of Hemanta Mukherjee and Manna De. For Hindi my all time favourite is Kishore Kumar. Apart from music my other passion is reading (books, short stories mainly).
Apart from these I am an avid fan of Western Classical Music - my favourie composer - Mozart.

I am addicted to sports and that game of football. My favourite club - Arsenal and my favourite player - no points for guessing this one - Thierry Henry. I also like cricket, snooker and tennis (Federer rules - undisputably).

I am also a great fan of whodunits - and I rank Poirot simply the best and who else portrays Poirot best - none other than David Suchet (curious he shares his birthday with Satyajit Ray - 2nd May). Besides this there is Holmes (who can forget Jeremy Brett with those lines - It's elementary dear Watson). Talking of sleuths lets not forget Feluda - the magical creation of Satyajit Ray, a favourite of young and old alike.

I also enjoy watching movies - for Bengali there are those of Uttamkumar, and then of the maestro - Satyajit Ray. Foreign films there are plenty - all time hits like Sound of Music, Mary Poppins, King and I, My fair Lady, films of Robin Williams, Clint Eastwood, Charles Bronson, Pierce Brosnan - the list is endless.

I also know and speak French.
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