Adib Astronomical Society ( AAS )

I have been interested in observing the sky since childhood. I remember when I went to Gorgan in the summers, I spent long times in the green valleys talking to the Venus during the sunset. I knew the constellations very well, but I didn't have the equipment to see them. I bought a small refraction telescope which not only provided me with a vast view on astronomy but also caused me to justify the authorities of Esfahan Municipality that space is very beautiful for everybody with different viewpoints. For this purpose I invited them several times to my house in order to observe the space. After the approval of the Mayor of Esfahan, Adib Astronomical Society ( AAS ) was started to be built.

1995 1997
1996 1998

I am very pleased to have been succeeded in bringing together some young people interested in science via establishing AAS. Of course, many friends helped me in this regard. I hope that God and the honorable citizens of Esfahan are satisfied about this.

some of the members of AAS