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University of Pittsburgh at Johnstown
Core Elementary Education Courses

(and descriptions from the Course catalog)

Foundations of Education

Viewed the American school as a key social institution.  Studied American education from historical, cultural, and philosophical perspectives.  Emphasis on the cultivation of those skills that enabled me to analyze educational issues. Assigned to area school classrooms for observation.

Child Psychology

Provided an understanding of the basic principles of human development as applied to the child. Topics included the relative influences of environmental and genetic factors on development and physical, social, emotional and cognitive age-related changes.



Provided an understanding of the basic principles of human development as applied to the adolescent. Theories and research findings were examined with regard to the areas of physical and sexual development, intelligence and cognitive functioning, and social and emotional development.

Education Psychology

Studied the psychological aspects of the educational process. Theories and research from psychology, with applications for education, were examined in the areas of cognitive processes, self-esteem, motivation, learning measurement, and exceptionality.

Special Needs Students

Studied how "Learning disability" refers to difficulty in learning in spite of normal sensory, emotional, and intelligence levels. Examined the social, emotional, and academic characteristics.  Evaluated the various theories explaining the etiology of learning disabilities.


Learned about computing in general and about computer-based education in particular. Examined other technology tools available in a teacher's methodological toolbox.

Discussed strategies for designing lessons and assessments incorporating the use of technological aids. Learned instructional uses of computers; how to develop and maintain a Home Page on the Internet; and how to utilize programming as a tool for developing children's problem-solving skills. Became proficient in Microsoft PowerPoint, Microsoft Word, Microsoft Excel, Microsoft Windows, Microsoft Front Page, Internet Explorer, and Netscape Navigator.


Studied the process of reading and techniques of teaching reading in the elementary classroom.  Applied suggested techniques in a field-based setting.

Language Arts Methods

Studied oral and written language development and techniques for developing children's language competencies in the elementary classroom.  Applied suggested techniques in a field-based setting.



Studied the diagnosing of children's reading behaviors and the prescribing of activities to develop their reading competence. Applied diagnostic procedures in a field-based setting.

Science Methods

Developed the understanding necessary to the teaching of elementary science.  Demonstrated specific competencies related to the planning, implementation, and evaluation of effective instruction.

Social Studies Methods

Explored, developed, and experienced the practical competencies needed for teaching social studies.

Mathematics Methods

A field-based experience in which I was required to demonstrate competencies in design, implementation, and evaluation of mathematics instruction in a contemporary classroom. Also prescribed learning experience and engaged in the laboratory approach to mathematics.

Childrens Literature

Studied a of the wealth of children's books available today, focusing on their literary worth and relationship to today's child and pre-teen.  Special emphasis was placed on the treatment of contemporary social issues in books.

Teaching Art

Studied the methods of teaching and evaluating modern art education. Studied the characteristics of child art, as well as curriculum and projects suitable for children of different grade levels.

Teaching Physical Education

Course content included application of health and physical education principles in the elementary school curriculum.

Teaching of Music

Course content included basic music theory and teaching techniques.  Emphasis was placed on exploring the elements of music and developing various competencies that aid in the teaching of these elements.

The Child and the Curriculum

Discussed philosophy, purposes, curricular organization, school law, and classroom procedures that are needed for an effective teaching-learning environment.

Measurements and Statistics for Teachers

Studied basic descriptive statistics, including measures of central tendency, variation, and form; correlation; and graphing data. Also studies an introduction to classical measurement theory, including reliability and validity; testing; and evaluation. Developed and evaluated classroom testing methods.

Directed Tutoring

Provided me with tutoring experiences in area school districts.


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