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About Me
Ive been interested in American Dinnerware for at least 15 years, but I knew I was hooked when I bought a 1937 set of Taylor Smith & Taylor dishes. I didnt need them, didnt really have room for them, and had no plans to use them, but I had to have them. I love the charm of their old-fashioned shape and the border of roses linked with a blue art deco-like band.

The rest of my collection tends to be a piece here and there because my interest in American Dinnerware is bigger than my pocketbook. So, although my collection is small, my research continues.

I have a bachelors degree in journalism and commercial art, but Ive learned about pottery and glassware from reading, research on the Internet, and looking at pieces in antique shops. I grew up eating Sunday dinner from Taylor Smith & Taylor Lu-Ray dishes. My mother still uses them for special occasion dinners like when "the kids" come home. (Its nice to have at least a couple of places where we can still be "the kids.")

After many years in a pressure-cooker job, with my husbands blessing I traded my long commute and a respectable paycheck for a chance to pursue some dreams. Now, I provide freelance writing and editing services remotely, thanks to email and the Internet. My primary customers are high-tech companies. My husband and I live in Sherman, Texas, with our spoiled-rotten rat terrier, Biscuit.

My other interests include drawing, painting, reading, crafts, antiques, and searching the Internet to learn more about it all.

Linda Nelson
American Dinnerware
My Info:
Name: Linda Nelson
Email: american_dinnerware@yahoo.com