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Goltv on Directv

GolTV is the first and only Television Channel dedicated 100% to showcasing soccer in the US and Canada..

Created and developed by Uruguayan company Tenfield, GolTV was founded in 2002 and started operations in February 2003.

GolTV works with professionalism and efficiency to bring to the millions of Hispanic residents in North America the best games from many Latin American countries as well as complete coverage of soccer from around the world with live international matches, daily newscasts, interviews and the most complete goal show on TV.

Soccer is the number one sport within the Hispanic Community and GolTV was born to be their channel.

Goltv may offer a lot of Hispanic soccer, but they offer Italian soccer, English soccer, and a lot of Uefa cup matches.  The channel is broadcast in both Spanish and English.  Many Uefa Cup matches feature your favorite german clubs. 
Sign a petition bringing this beautiful channel to directv.  Goltv has been a channel spreading through the United States on Dishnet and cable systems.  If you can help me get it on Directv, it will easily spread to every remaining cable sytem in america.