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Kahn dismisses Madrid blunder as bad luck
Associated Press
Mar. 3, 2004 1:12 p.m.

MUNICH, Germany (AP) Bayern goalkeeper Oliver Kahn promised to take a long, hard look at himself after his blunder on a free kick against Real Madrid last week generated headlines across Europe.

Kahn said Wednesday he's done just that and reached the following conclusion: He's not going to change one thing.

"Nothing. Not one millimeter will be changed," Kahn said. "I've just had goalie bad luck - nothing else."

The Germany 'keeper, long one of the world's best, let an easy Roberto Carlos free kick slide under his body in the 83rd minute of the key Champions League encounter. That allowed Madrid to escape with a 1-1 draw in Munich, despite a superb performance from his teammates, and damaged his team's hopes of advancing.

Kahn's mistake was ridiculed in parts of Europe, with Spanish newspapers especially chortling in glee.

"Thanks, old man," wrote As. "Kahn, old Kahn, the hated enemy, ugly, unpleasant and haughty, provided Madrid with its only happiness in a night which was growing darker by the moment."

The 34-year-old blonde also dismissed his other recent gaffes as bad luck - including a goal-costing mistake when Germany beat Croatia 2-1 in a friendly.

Kahn vowed the day after the Madrid match to beat the Spanish club single-handedly in the return leg next week, but backed off the promise Wednesday.

"I can't win anything alone - we need a first-class team effort," Kahn said.