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Grooming the Cocker Spaniel [American]


There is nothing more beautiful than a well groomed American Cocker spaniel!
I just LOVE this breed and yet it seems it is the hardest breed in the world
for people to groom RIGHT.
There is a world of difference between the groom we do for show & the every day environment,
but some things are done the same way REGARDLESS of the rest of the trim.
The ears and head can be made to look "correct" to
breed profile even if the rest of the dogs is shaved close.
The directions on the next pages will help you place your lines and get the profile correct.
Cocker Spaniels do not have to have a coat all the way to the floor.
Let's face it, a lot of people prefer shorter looks and a lot of people
just cannot take care of the coat if it is left long.
There are SEVERAL options for the owner to consider.

Suburban trims with legs trimmed shorter.

Sporting clips with legs scissored or clippered and the "skirt" removed.
Even a total shave are all available to the owner.

On the next pages you can explore the options.
There are pictures and explanations galore!
To Debi at "A Cut Above Pet Salon" thanks for the great pictures.
Also for her easy to follow step by step instruction guide.

Above pictures, 2 types of trims, Sporting Clip & Total Shave Down.
By keeping your pet in either of these types of trims, with regular bathing
monthly use of "Advantage or Frontline for flees, weekly cleaning of ears.
The "Blue Ear Treatment" is Excellent for cleaning the ears.
the receipe for the "blue ear" is listed under the "Health Issues".
Don't forget to trim the toenails, your pet will be easy to maintain.

Please remember this has been set up as a guideline for the novice, and
perhaps someone thinking of keeping an "American" in coat.
It will help the newbies & some members with the basic guidelines for preparing for a "Show Trim"

There will be some members who have strong views on how to strip out a back
many still prefer to "Hand Pluck" some will have strong views on various
tools suggested.

Clipping for Show-Basic Trim

[Stripping Backs]* [Trimming Ears]* [Clippering Heads]* [Clippering Necks & Shoulders]* [Shaping Feet]

[Standard] [Health Issues] [Harmful Plants] [Cocker Cooking] [Basic Grooming]
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