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Natural Preventatives to Treating Cancer
by Darleen E. Rudnick,
Pet Nutritionist

You may believe that cancer is different from other diseases, acting like a fire, in that you can't stop it once it has started. Therefore, you have to cut it out, or radiate it, or chemically destroy every cancerous cell in the body since it can never become normal again. Nothing could be more wrong. Cancer is a very treatable disease and a disease we should not lose hope over. By taking a look at the factors that cause cancer, and looking at what feeds this disease, you can control and treat it.

Some Factors That May Cause Cancer?

Exposure to Harmful Radiation
There is NO such thing as a safe dose of radiation. Your pet's risk of genetic and immune system damage correlates with the total amount of radiation they have received over their lifetime. Never believe anyone who tells you that the amount of radiation coming at your pet from any source is too small to matter.

Do not let your Veterinarian X-ray your pet without good reason. Research has shown that radiologists have a shorter life expectancy than other doctors and a higher incidence of cancers known to be induced by radiation. Therefore, do not agree to X-rays unless your vet can make you understand why they are necessary.

Ultraviolet Radiation From the Sun
Ultraviolet light damages DNA cells in the skin which ultimately can lead to skin cancer. Pets love being out in the sun on a beautiful day, and they should not be denied. However, be aware that at certain times of the day and at certain times of the year, sunlight is very dangerous. The sun is most damaging in the middle of the day. Therefore, early morning and evening is a good time to take your pet out to exercise.

Exposure to Harmful Chemicals
It is well known that certain factors increase the likelihood of cancer. Environmental factors are widely believed to be one of the major causes because chemicals impair the immune system.
Chemical carcinogens are probably responsible for more cancer than radiation is. As with radiation, no level of exposure to these substances can be considered safe. Every exposure depletes the immune system.
The liver is responsible for the burden of metabolizing and detoxifying unwanted substances that enter the body. When the liver fails, the organs of the immune system become more susceptible to damage and their function declines. Therefore, don't apply or use chemicals around your pet. A good rule of thumb is: Before purchasing a product, carefully read the label. If it states, "Hazardous to Humans and Domestic Animals," the product may cause cancer.

Tobacco Smoke
Second hand tobacco smoke can cause of cancer.

Hereditary Factors

Prevention Plan For Treating Cancer Naturally
A prevention plan is a simple method of enhancing the level of nutrition and making lifestyle changes. It is an attempt to address any special needs your pet may have.

Keep in mind that this program does not apply to every pet and therefore it is important to have your pet thoroughly examined by a veterinarian. If you decide to seek natural methods, Purely Pets recommends a consultation with our on-staff nutritionist.

A consultation will include a personalized diet and holistic program suggestions, all custom-tailored to your pet's personal needs. This is particularly imperative in pets with complicated health issues, or if you've done outside reading and have conflicting information.

The nutritional program and other recommendations outlined in this article are designed for pets who have been diagnosed with cancer, as well as those who wish to enhance their pets chances of avoiding this disease.

Feed Your Pet A Healthy Diet.

Poor nutrition is a direct cause of many major and minor diseases. Therefore, a commitment to optimum health and longevity for your pet must include a high quality diet.

Research has shown that a low quality diet -- meaning a diet loaded with chemicals, fillers, stabilizers, coloring agents, sodium nitrate and by-products -- can lead to allergies, nervousness, hypertension, diabetes, weight problems, dry skin, and many other common ailments.

A homemade diet is recommended as this is the best you can do for your pet. If you are interested in recipes, please email darleen@purelypets.com.

Home cooking does not fit into everyone's lifestyle and if this is the case, it is essential to choose a high quality dry food. Because of what goes into pet foods today and what does not, it is important to know how to read labels, and know the history of the company manufacturing the pet food. Purely Pets has done extensive research on many of the pet food companies and we recommend Canidae, Felidae, and Azmira Pet Foods. These products use high quality ingredients -- healthy ingredients that are useful to your pet's body.

There are many Cancer diets available to the public. Some call for low protein, others high protein, some suggest no grains, other concentrate on meat. Therefore, the program outlined below gives general guidelines. It is important to understand that each pet has its own particular needs.

Homemade Recipes

Chicken Stew
1 package of chicken thighs with or without skin (family pack). Remove skin and discard.
1/2 cup water
4 cloves of garlic
One bag frozen, or 2 cups fresh broccoli

In crockpot place chicken, 1/2 cup water and garlic. Cook on LOW for 6 hours or until the chicken is completely cooked. Add 1 bag frozen/fresh vegetables and stir. Before serving remove bones.

Refrigerator for 6 days -- then discard.

Beef Melody
2 lbs. ground meat or cubed steak
1/2 cup water
4 cloves garlic
1 bag frozen or 2 cups fresh carrots

In crockpot place beef, 1/2 cup water and garlic. Cook on LOW for 6 hours or until the beef is completely cooked. Turn pot off and add 1 bag frozen/fresh vegetables. Stir. Meal is complete.

Refrigerator for 6 days -- then discard.

Vegetable suggestions:
Broccoli (can cause gas in some pets)
Brussel sprouts
Yellow and deep-orange vegetables such as carrots, squash and yams
Cabbage (can cause gas in some pets)
Collard Greens
Cucumbers served raw
Green Beans
Green Limas
Green Peas
Leaf Lettuce served raw
Turnip Greens

Fruit/snack suggestions:

Foods to Avoid:
Processed refined foods
Saturated fats
White flour
Lunch meat
Hot dogs
Smoked or cured meats
Limit dairy products
Black Pepper
Processed Cereals
Grains in excess
Canned fruit

Structure meal times.
Feeding once a day may lead to many health problems such as hypoglycemia, diabetes, obesity, digestive disorders and many other problems.

When you feed one meal a day, your pet's body produces insulin. Insulin prevents fat cells from releasing fat into the bloodstream, where it can be picked up by other tissues and burned. In other words, high levels of insulin cause low levels of fat burning and high levels of fat storing, the reverse of what you may think. When insulin is not stable in the body, it throws the hormones and brain chemicals out of whack and in turn the body starts storing fat to save itself.

Therefore, it is extremely important to feed 3-4 times a day. When you feed several small meals a day, the body burns fat more effectively.

Recommended feeding schedule:
Breakfast: High quality pet food or homemade food.
Lunch: High quality pet food or homemade food.
Midday: Light Snack.
Dinner: High quality pet food or homemade food.
Before bed: Light snack.

Purely Pets does not recommend discontinuing traditional medications cold turkey or discontinuing them at all. This is YOUR decision based on how the following program works. We highly recommend you work closely with your veterinarian.

Although medications can be very effective, some may cause side effects that can eventually lead to other symptoms. Many pet owners are now looking into other methods of treating cancer. A more natural approach is outlined below.

Cancer is not a disease that can be prevented with one or two supplements. There are several steps that need to be taken in order to keep this disease in remission.

The program outlined may seem very complicated, but every organ needs to be targeted in the prevention. The order of the products depends on the individual pet.

Program One (First Month)

Mega Pet Daily -
This is our most outstanding multiple nutritional supplement. Higher potency, easy to feed gel cap provides daily support of important vitamins and minerals, including the A's, B's, Selenium, Chromium, Zinc, Choline and EPA's, and all the vital nutrients for optimum immunity and health.

Immuno Stim'r -
This replication of Renee Caisse's formula (ESSIAC Tea) has been widely used for over 50 years, successfully addressing cancers, cysts, tumors, degenerative diseases, and chronic viral and bacterial infections. Stimulates the immune system.

Super C 2000 -
This staple nutrient has been found to kill bacteria, viral infections, yeast and fungus, making it a vital protector of the body. Excellent as a general detoxifier, it has proven beneficial against cancer and degenerative diseases. Acidifies the urine and eliminates bacteria known to cause bladder and kidney problems. Builds resistance to allergies.

Yeast and Fungal D'tox -
A natural anti-fungal, antibacterial and anti-yeast product.

Once Yeast & Fungal is complete begin next program.

Program Two

Mega Pet Daily
Immuno Stim'r
Super C 2000
Blood & Lymph Support -
Activates the immune responses for conditions associated with a build up of catabolic wastes in tissues, resulting in cancers, tumor growth, cysts and skin ulcerations.

Once Blood & Lymph is complete begin next program.

Program Three

Mega Pet Daily
Immuno Stim'r
Super C 2000
Newton's Detoxifier -
Homeopathic complex composed of specific remedies, which stimulate the liver, kidneys, spleen and colon to function properly. Quickly improves the organs of elimination for a speedy recovery, used alone or synergistically with other products, as a catalyst to enhancing health and wellness.

Once Newton's dtox is complete begin next program.

Program Four

Mega Pet Daily
Immuno Stim'r
Super C 2000
Herbal Wormer - a natural dewormer
Echinacea & Golden Seal Root - Excellent for fighting viral, bacterial and yeast infections while stimulating the immune system. Cleanses the blood, liver, lymph glands and kidneys.

Once Echinacea & Golden Seal is complete begin next program.

Program Five

Mega Pet Daily
Immuno Stim'r
Super C 2000
Herbal Wormer
Pau d'Arco capsules -
Beneficial for the whole body. Kills viruses, effective against all types of cancers, Lupus and Leukemia.

Once Pau d' Arco is complete begin next program.

Program Six

Mega Pet Daily
Immuno Stim'r
Super C 2000
Herbal Wormer
Grape Seed Extract -
Grapefruit extract has clinically been proven to kill most types of viral and bacterial infections. It is an excellent addition to any immune stimulation program, when severe or chronic infection is present.

Once Grape Seed Extract is complete begin next program.

Program Seven

Mega Pet Daily
Immuno Stim'r
Super C 2000
Herbal Wormer
Garlic Daily Aid -
A wonderful blood purifier, antibiotic and anti-parasitic. Vital to circulation, digestion and nerves, it purges toxins, stimulates the lymphatic system and builds the immune system. Can prevent diarrhea, kills Candida yeast, bacteria, and viral infections.

Once Garlic Daily Aid is complete begin Program One again

Eliminate Toxins in the House, Yard and on your Pet

Many household cleaners contain formaldehyde (also known as embalming solution), which could cause severe irritation to eyes, throat and skin. Some floor polishes contain chemicals that can cause cancer as well as damage to the heart, kidneys, liver and central nervous system. It is important to keep your pets in a well-ventilated area when cleaning.

Avoid the following:

Carpet powders.
Air fresheners.
Plastic bowls - All plastics release some undetectable fumes, especially when heated. This out- gassing means the fumes can pass into the foods that are served or stored in the bowl or container. Stainless steel or glass bowls are recommended.
Cheap ceramic bowls - Cause the same problem as described above.
Fumes from all bathroom cleaners.
Fumes from bleach.
Fumes from dusting products.
Toxic flea products - If the product states "Hazardous To Humans And Domestic Animals", it is hazardous to your pet.
Toxic shampoos.
Toxic flea collars.
Paint fumes.
Paint chips from lead based paint.
Rawhides - Many are dipped in a solution of salt and bleach
Cheap painted pet toys
Red food dye.


Exercise has anti-cancer effects and increases the efficiency of the immune system. It helps with muscle development, digestion and overall health. A well-conditioned body will work and perform better and increase the ability to carry blood and oxygen to muscles. Exercising burns fat and increases your pets metabolism.

Be sure your pet gets at least an hour of exercise everyday. However, age, health and weather should be taken into consideration when exercising. Do NOT over exercise older pets, or pets suffering from hypoglycemia, epilepsy, heart problems, etc. Pets suffer from exhaustion just as humans do.

Pet Owners -- Take Care of Yourself!

It is very important how an owner lives, how he feels and how he acts, as these factors influence a pet's outcome. Cancer is a very powerful disease causing pain, distress and feelings of helplessness. Therefore, it is very important to be positive with your pet and seek a caring professional who is well versed in traditional and natural alternatives so you can make the best choices for your pet.



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