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Indications of Ear Problems
Indications of Ear Problems

Ear Wax

    When you first get your dog, you'll probably be seeing your veterinarian to bring shots up to date, deworming, and a general physical exam.  At that time be sure to ask the vet to show you what to use, how to massage the ear to loosen wax without damaging the sensitive tissue of the middle ear, and what to watch for.  Every particular breed has its own problems - establish a good working relationship with your vet, it will save you time, money and even your dog's life.


    A hematoma is a swelling that contains blood.  Most often, dogs will end up with a hematoma on their ear due to violently shaking their head, and striking the floppy part of the ear a sharp blow on an object, and rupturing blood vessels in the ear.  Another cause may be the dog scratching the ear due to a foreign object or infection being present.  The area of the hematoma will be swelled to a noticeable size.  The ear will be extremely sensitive to the touch, so when going to examine your dog, speak very softly and handle the ear with extreme gentleness.  You may want to place a snood, or a stocking (do not cover the dog's nose), over the dog's ears to keep the area from further damage, and get to the veterinarian as soon as possible.  The vet will have to operate to relieve the distention and stop the bleeding.

Otorrhea (Otitis)

    This particular problem is a painful inflammation of the skin of the external ear canal.  It is caused by infection or by parasites.  One of the signs that this is becoming serious is when the dog scratches, the skin bleeds.  Your dog may resist your attempts to help him due to his ear being very sensitive and hot to the touch.  The best solution is to get your dog to the veterinarian's as soon as possible.

    This condition should not be confused with otitis media, but otorrhea (otitis) could possibly cause otitis media.

Otitis Media

    Otitis Media is a middle ear inflamation that is brought on from an infection of the external ear passage.  It could also result from an infection of the nasal passages that has spread through the Eustachian tube.  Your dog will be in pain, have a fever, there will be ear discharge and possibly a loss of balance.  Immediate veterinary treatment is necessary.

Ear Mites

    Ear mites are parasites that infest a dog's ear.  Ear mites can be contracted through other animals that are so infected.  Your dog will have a waxy, dark secretion from the ear(s) along with a sour, cheesey odor.  Some other indications will be the pawing at, shaking of the head and violent scratching by your dog.  He may even cause a hematoma on the ear flap, such will be the frantic pawing, shaking and scratching.  Veterinary care is the only solution to this condition.
The ear mite's scientific name is ododectes.

***Remember to clean and check your dogs ears on a weekly basis***

when its hot this is a haven for all sorts of bugs

Clean gently with a cotton stick dipped in the "Blue Ear Treatment"





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