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Cocker Ears
0Note the v shape at the end of the clipper line. This dog is easier to see because of the color. Cocker ears are actually very easy to do. You clipper the top third of the overall length. NOT the leather, the overall length. Proper ear set should be at the eye or slightly below the level of the eye when the ears are laid down. If the dog has high ears you may clipper lower, lower ears you clipper a bit higher. The shape of the ear is actually a "V" shape, not a straight line and it is done with a ten backwards on the OUTSIDE of the ear, and using a 30 blade go with the grain on the inside of the ear following the same line as the outside and trim the edges with shears to give it a tidy appearance. By holding the ear FLAT in your hand as you clipper you are able to get a good line every time. It is important to note that clipper lines should extend slightly up onto the crown of the head as you approach the top of the ear. Ends of the ears should be rounded slightly after the groom is completed to give them a more finished look.


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