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Neck and Shoulder Lines


The neck is clippered in reverse from breastbone
to lip using a ten blade making sure you remove all
the hair from the creases and the flews along the lips.
There is a "v" shape again over each shoulder
and a "v" in the front of the neck at the breastbone.

Cockers should appear to have long necks & if they are lacking length it can be groomed into them.
Using a 10 blade from breastbone to lip and by stretching the lips you are able
Set a line going into the shoulder from the neck, blending well with thinners to avoid leaving
a line where you want the back to blend into the shoulder.
You want to SEE shoulder and it is easier to accentuate this area if again
you use a "V" shape to show where the angle is on the dog.
If the dog has good bone structure you can set the lines based on the dogs body.
If the angulation is not correct the lines should be placed to give the illusion
of the correct line.

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