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Distichiasis (Extra Eyelashes)

This is common is American Cockers, the extra eyelashes
may cause irritation to the eyes. Surgery is advised if clinical
signs of the irritation is present.Freezing the eye lashes is advised.

Entropion (Upper Eyelids rolling onto the eye)

This may cause irritation to the cornea & result in scarring.
Surgery maybe required to either lift the upper eyelids or do a facelift.

Ectropion (Droopy Lower Eyelid)

Surgery maybe required if the conjunctivitis is present.

Corneal Lipidosis

Means fat deposits in the cornea.This can be made worse
if the dog has a high fat diet.There is no specific
treatment for corneal lipidosis.

Retinal Dysplasia

Small folds are seen in the retina.Vision does not seem to be affected.


This may cause sudden vision loss, & pain in an eye.
Surgery is usally required to relieve the pain.There maybe a tendency for
glaucoma to occur in both eyes,preventive treatment may help save the vision
in the good eye if glaucoma has been diagnosed.



Dry Eye

Cherry Eye

Other Eye Diseases



Yeast & Skin



Irritabal Bowel Syndrome

Chocolate Is Deadly


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