The Rule Book

Point System-

Teams will recieve points as follows

1-point for each goal scored by a player on their team

2 Bonus points for a clean sheet by the goalkeeper

1-point for a clean sheet by a defender

-1 For an injured player

0 points for an inactive player not injured

The Draft

Each division will hold their own draft be it live or list. If it is a list draft spots will go on a first come first served basis. The league's manager will choose a date for a live draft.

Post season and preseason

Pre-season- Each team is eligible for 3 friendly matches to start the season. A friendly does not count toward the league's standings, and each friendly must be passed by the league manager before being played. Rosters must be sent to the league manager before a friendly may be played.

Post-Season- There are 4 different post season tournaments. The first, the AFSL Championships is the top tournament and teams must rank in the top of the league and must get a personal invitation from the league manager. The Cup of America is open to all teams and is held in the mid-part of the season. The champion gets an automatic bid to the AFSL Championships. The United Cup is played at the end of the year as a minor championship and is part of the AFSL's Championship Series. The final tournament is the Greats of the Game Soccer Classic, this tournament is held at the beginning of league play to get teams ready for the league matches. As with the Cup of America, the winner gets an automatic bid to the AFSL Championships.

Divisions- Divisions are setup with 6 teams per division with each team playing head to head twice. The total number of league games is 10. Inter-division games can be played and the winner will get 10 bonus points in the final standings. A total of 2 inter-division games may be played per season. Inter-division games will also help setup the divisions for next year. An Inter-division game is a game played between two teams from different divisions.

Rosters- A team will consist of 11 players and 4 reserves. Scores of reserves will not be kept. For a player's stats to count they must be on the list of 11 players for a given game. You may change your reserves and starters at anytime. Rosters will be choosen by a live or list draft.

Your team will start out with a total of $10 million AFSL Bucks. Each player costs money and with each win you recieve more money. At the end of the season each win will earn you $1 million AFSL Bucks, each minor tournament will earn you $5 million if you win, and the AFSL Championships will earn you $50 million if you win. Your AFSL Bucks will be carried over year-by-year. The more money you have the better the players you can buy.

Trades and free agents

All trades and the addition of a free agent must be approved by the league manager and the other team within the trade.


Awards info will come later!