Am-01 D.L. Savings T.X. "In Frozen" C46 & Book.
Am-02 Cape God "Oasis Will Not Live Forever" C60 Screened Yellow Bag
Am-03 D.L. Savings T.X. "Two" C60 Screened Blue Bag
Am-04 Breckman Duo "The Greatest of Our Time" C60 Screened Red Bag
Am-05 Zero Percent Interest "Holding Court On Hunt's Time" C60 Screened Purple Bag
Am-06 Universal Indians "Total CIty" C60 Screened Orange Bag
Am-07 D.L. Savings T.X. "Tales of Big Business" C10 +Book.
Am-08 Gravitar/Universal Indians Split lp. Screened & Painted covers.
Am-09 D.L. Savings T.X. "Sound of the Milita Land" Hand Etched lp. Painted Cover
Am-10 D.L.Savings T.X. "No Indian Gaming" C60
Am-11 D.L.Savings T.X. "We Regret To Inform You" 2C90 Painted Plastic Case
Am-12 Universal Indians "Live on Heavy Mountain" C60 Painted Cover with Text
Am-13 D.L.Savings T.X. "Brown Sound Super Skin" C60 Thick Collage Cover with 8 Screend Covers
Am-14 D.L.Savings T.X. "Layman Agenda" C50 Lacquered Cover
Am-15 D.L.Savings T.X. "Fiscal Crash" C50 Wood Triangle with Scr eened Symbol
Am-16 Universal Indians C60 Relief Printed Cover
Am-17 The Thin Ensemble "Farewell Reed City" C60 +2C90 Wood & Wire Cover
Am-18 Various Artists "Extreme America" 7" Leaves & Drawn Lacquered Cover
Am-19 D.L.Saviings T.X. "Bottom Mountain Marathon/Nomanclure"C120 Painting Box w/ Wire
Am-20 D.L.Savings T.X. "Motion Denied" 74 Min. Cd Laquered Wood
Am-21 Handicapper Horns C60 Cardboard and Drawn Cover
Am-22 Universal Indians "From the Rocket Room 2 and Beyond" C46
Am-23 Mother Savage Noise Production "Underground America" Various C90 Oblong Painted Box
Am-24 D.L Savings T.X "Ollofoam: Net, Bath, Lime" C60 Canvas, Ink, & Box
Am-25 The Thin Ensemble "Musics Dropped In the Secret East Lansing Caves" C90 Sculpted Box
Am-26 D.L.Savings T.X. "Midwife" Collage Vinyl Picture Disk Lp
Am-27 D.L.Savings T.X. "Hoem A.K." C60 Debris Triangle Lacquer Box
Am-28 D.L.Savings T.X. "Thank You Urine Doll" C90 Chemical Dirt 7" Cover
Am-29 D.L.Savings T.X. "Three Snakes Constitutes A Pasture" C60 Tube, Tre es,& Stick Cover
Am-30 Total "To Fall Like Cherry Blossoms" Lp Clear Vinyl Silk Screen Cover
Am-31 D.L.Savings T.X. "Always End the Date, First" C60 Felt, Iron Rod, & Mesh Cover
Am-32 Total Test Press Lp. Black Vinyl. Painted Plexi Glass & Cloth/Felt Cover
Am-33 Ashtray Navigations/ Universal Indians Split Cd Collaborative Package Design
Am-34 The RIP Randy California RSVP Band "Seamless Frostmaster" C90 Plastic Box Cover
Am-35 D.L.Savings T.X. "I Can Hear the Human Beat Box Sleep/Violin Plays Paper H 'ymn"C20
Am-36 The RIP Randy California RSVP Band "Captain Geech In His Lost Race Camp" C60
Am-37 D.L.Savings T.X. "Plays the Music of Erich Zaan" 2C90 Painted Wooden Box with Collage
Am-38 Ames Sanglantes/ D.L.Savings T.X. "Who Invited Ghost Boy?" Split C60 Wood & Wire Cover
Am-39 Chris Freeman "The Story of Yes" One Sided C60 Tackboard & Lacquered Stick Cover
Am-40 D.L.Savings T.X. "Cleopatra... Ruler of Yard" C90 Pea Pod, Stick, Painted Can & Line Cover
Am 41 Demoon Skirt "Age of First" C60 Sponge Letter Cover
Am 42 Dr. Gretchen Musical WeightLifting Program C60 Crushed Painted Can Cover
Am 43 E Ka (s) Boa "May You Be Joined By...." C60 Train Track, Silicone, & Screw Silver Cover
Am 44 Handicapper Horns "My House is a Fucking Hospital" C90 Piled Stick, Glue, Line Cover
Am 45 Sukora/Demoon Skirt "This Would Sound Good If I Was A Diverse 8" C60 Die Cut Cover
Am 46 Guam River Yellow Philharmonic "Two Tones Poems For Dry Manuscript" C60 Metal Cvr
Am 47 Handicapper Horns/Guam River Y.P. "Red Tone & China Boat" C60 Enamel Collage Cover
Am 48 Thirdorgan "Poptones" C60 Paint & Brown paper lacquer Cover
Am 49 The Thin Ensemble "Live for the Pope in Cuba" C90 Wood & Cardboard Painted Cover

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