AM-600 Casket Sinkers "Baked Beans, Spiders, & Brains" onesided 7" & cd
AM-601 Seance Armories & Cast Mind "Bilbo, L. Ron & Me" C60 Vol.14"
AM-602 Spykes "Live Frying-Inzane Studios" c40
AM-603 The Dead Machines "Plays Vampyr" cd
AM-604 Seance Armories & Cast Mind "Bilbo, L. Ron & Me" C60 Vol.15"
AM-605 Seance Armories & Cast Mind "Bilbo, L. Ron & Me" C60 Vol.17"
AM-606 Seance Armories & Cast Mind "Bilbo, L. Ron & Me" C60 Vol.18"
AM-607 Seance Armories & Cast Mind "Bilbo, L. Ron & Me" C60 Vol.19"
AM-608 Spykes "Live Frying-Inzane Studios" c50
AM-609 Graveyards "Melees" c60 & cd
AM-610 The Dead Machines "Its a Wrapp" 2c40
AM-611 Paradox #2 zine
AM-612 Dead Comet Alive " Is Alive" c60 + cd
AM-613 Birth Refusal "97 Style" c60 & cd
AM-614 Spykes "The Nine Places to Hide" 2cd + c40
AM-615 The Dead Machines "4th Place" cd
AM-616 Waves "12" cd
AM-617 The Dead Machines "Live Frying-Inzane Studios" C40
AM-618 Spykes "Strange Head" 2cd
AM-619 Birth Refusal "Live Frying-Inzane Studios c60
AM-620 Full Scales "Triple Trebles" onesided lp
AM-621 VA "Live Nutsoz" (Wigman/Barf Thoth/Casket Sinkers) cd
AM-622 Machine Yards cd
AM-623 Paradox #3 zine
AM-624 Spykes "Live Frying-Inzane Studios" c60
AM-625 Birth Refusal "Cove Core" onesided 7" & cd
AM-626 Wolf Eyes "Man Made Hell" cd
AM-627 Wolf Eyes "Hell Made Man" cd
AM-628 Wolf Eyes "Made Hell Man" cd
AM-629 Paradox #4 zine + c60
AM-630 Kill Devil Hills "Ex Kill Devil Hill" onesided 7 & cd
AM-631 The Dead Machines "Live Frying-Inzane Studios" c60
AM-632 Full Scales "Live Frying-Inzane Studios" c60
AM-633 Casket Sinkers "Live Frying-Inzane Mash Up" c60
AM-634 Hair Police "Live Frying-Inzane Mash Up" c60
AM-635 Hair Police "Live At The Asylum Inn" onesided 7" & cd
AM-636 Waves 14 2cd
AM-637 Dead Comet Alive "Stil Alive" 2c60 & cd
AM-638 The Graveyards "Traum" 2c60 + cd + poster
AM-639 The Graveyards "Montreal Pledge" document
AM-640 Night of the Lone Wolf 2"Rochester Offensive"(FL/DEMONS/GRYARD)cd
AM-641 Spykes "Lost" 9c60 boxset
AM-642 V/A "Night of the Chuckleheads" c60
AM-643 Warning Sign/Dead Machines/Evenings/Graveyards "Live Frying"c90
AM-644 Best of AC "COLD TURKEY" Vol.One cd
AM-645 Handicapper Horns "97 Style" C90 + cd+ poster"
AM-646 The Graveyards "Live Frying" c60
AM-647 Waves 15 cd
AM-648 Spykes "97 Style" c60 + cd
AM-649 Latrine Psychology Guild "Weighted Ghost # A" c20
AM-650 Circuit Refusal Onesided lp
AM-651 The Dead Machines "Every Minute of Every Hour" 6cd
AM-652 Latrine Psychology Guild "Weighted Ghost # B" c20
AM-653 Latrine Psychology Guild "Weighted Ghost # C" c20
AM-654 Latrine Psychology Guild "Weighted Ghost # D" c20
AM-655 The Boy Department Boyz "Live at Sherman's March" Onesided 7" & cd
AM-656 Latrine Psychology Guild "Weighted Ghost # E" c20
AM-657 Plants "Ghost Weight" KillerTree Test press lp AT Edition
AM-658 Latrine Psychology Guild "Weighted Ghost # F" c20
AM-659 Spykes "Ripped, Rotten, or Stolen" cd
AM-660 Warning Sign "Live at Copymax Jason's Birthday Party" onesided lp
AM-661 Latrine Psychology Guild "Weighted Ghost # G" c20
AM-662 The Dead Machines "Webbing Staticz Alive" c60
AM-663 Latrine Psychology Guild "Weighted Ghost # H" c20
AM-664 Full Scales "Half Clothed Home-Truths" 6c90 boxset
AM-665 Paradox #5 zine
AM-667 The Dead Machines "Simmering Salts B/W Empty Baths" 2c90 + poster boxset
AM-668 Latrine Psychology Guild "Weighted Ghost # I" c20
AM-669 Guam River Yellow Philharmonic "Use Radios Only" c20 + cd
AM-670 The Graveyards "Formless Music From A Coming Age" onesided lp
AM-671 The Graveyards "Enlightening Minds, Enriching Souls, Extending Hands" cd
AM-672 Spykes "Zones Faulted" cd
AM-673 Hair Police/Graveyards "Live Frying-The Men Behind The Wire" c60
AM-674 Wolf Eyes "Tin Coffin 3" c20, 2cds, poster
AM-675 Best of AC "COLD TURKEY" Vol.Two onesided lp
AM-676 V/A "Personality Crisis" (H.Horns, Dead Machines, & Spykes) cd
AM-677 Wolf Eyes "Exploding Drums One" C10
AM-678 The Dead Machines "Dead Pan" cd
AM-679 Latrine Psychology Guild "Weighted Ghost # J" c40
AM-680 Coyote Sinkers "Silo Shuckers" onesided lp
AM-681 Cardboard Sax "Cut Out Sax" cd
AM-682 Hell Hall Mystery Series One= "Red Blue & Blk/Soon Come"cd
AM-683 Hell Hall Mystery Series Two= "Pain Shards"cd
AM-684 Minor Strain Season "At The Peak" cd
AM-685 Deepkiss & Dead Brain "Stupid Strings" onesided lp
AM-686 "Strangled Pairs" Vol One/ Evenings & Spykes cd
AM-687 The Graveyards "Endings Vol. 9" cd
AM-688 Paradox #6 zine
AM-689 Cardboard Sax "Basement Reedage" c30
AM-690 Graveyards King Size (with greg kelly & nate w.) "Tape Reading Radio Lines" onesided lp
AM-691 "Strangled Pairs" Vol Two/The Farwood Duo cd
AM-692 Medical Lake "Nail Clippings Live at the Coldwater Wellness Center" c60
AM-693 V/A "Live Nutzo's Two"(Evenings, New Pledge, Raven S. Uneven Universe)cd
AM-694 Seven Depressions "Live" cd
AM-695 Latrine Psychology Guild "Weighted Ghost # K" c10
AM-696 Latrine Psychology Guild "Weighted Ghost # L" c10
AM-697 Latrine Psychology Guild "Weighted Ghost # M" c10
AM-698 Latrine Psychology Guild "Weighted Ghost # N" c10
AM-699 Language One c90
AM-700 Paradox #10 book & cd