AM-701 Latrine Psychology Guild "Weighted Ghost # O" c10
AM-702 Language "Two" c90
AM-703 V/A "Infertile Fidelities" comp C90
AM-704 V/A "Live Nutzo's Three" cd
AM-705 Paradox #7 zine + c60
AM-706 "Strangled Pairs" Vol Three/AC & Spykes cd
AM-707 The Pink Chunk Jazz Band "Alone and Effected" c60
AM-708 The Pink Chunk Jazz Band "Alone and Uneffected" c60
AM-709 "Strangled Pairs" Vol Four/Fletch & Kegcharge (pratt & coorz) cd
AM-710 The Demoon Skirt "Live France/Spain For The Sleeping" onesided lp
AM-711 "Strangled Pairs" Vol Five/"The Exploding Mixers" (carson & coorz)cd
AM-712 Man Slaughter cd
AM-713 Language "Three" c60
AM-714 Waves "For JK" 12 cd set
AM-715 Latrine Psychology Guild "Weighted Ghost # P" c10
AM-716 Latrine Psychology Guild "Weighted Ghost # Q" c10
AM-717 Latrine Psychology Guild "Weighted Ghost # R" c10
AM-718 "Strangled Pairs" Vol Five/"Language Morph" (body morph & coorz) cd
AM-719 Language "Four" c60
AM-720 "Strangled Pairs" Vol Six/"Spyked Fossils" cd
AM-721 "Strangled Pairs" Vol Seven/"Empty in Winterland" (body collector & kegcharge)cd
AM-722 V/A "Infertile Fidelities Two" comp C90
AM-723 Table Tunneler & Max Outtage "First" cd
AM-724 Table Tunneler & Max Outtage "Second" cd
AM-725 Painting + cd "C"
AM-726 "Strangled Pairs" Vol Eight/"Dead Dour Alive" (sam dour & Dead Comet Alive)cd
AM-727 Table Tunneler & Max Outtage "Third" cd
AM-728 Painting + cd "A"
AM-729 Ace Hardware "Gripped" c60
AM-730a Painting + cd "D"
AM-730b General Assurance "Abundancia En Su Vida" c60
AM-731 Ace Hardware "Flipped" c60
AM-732 Paradox #8 zine / collab with AC
AM-733 The Dead Machines "Mailbox Chewing" cd
AM-734 Waves "16" cd
AM-735 Handicapper Horns "Sax in the City= One" onesided lp
AM-736 The Dead Machines "Plays Kwaidan" 7" AT edition
AM-737 V/A "Special Abilites/ Live Rolling" cd
AM-738 Hair Police/Dead Machines "Snow Front = Live @ The Half Ass" cd
AM-739 Language "Five" c60
AM-740 Wolf Eyes "Back To Attack" 2cd + c60 + poster boxset
AM-741 Spykes "In Celebration of Au Clair de la Lune from 1860" cd
AM-742 Language "Six" c60
AM-743 Painting + cd "G"
AM-745 Dead Comet Alive "Universe for One" onesided lp
AM-746 Language "Seven" Four C60 boxset
AM-747 Awkward Squad MI "Solutions for Family Patterns" cd
AM-748 Graveyards "Clash" cd
AM-749 Cardboard Sax "Non Tech in the Pleasure Dome" cd
AM-750 Uneven Universe "Exit Human" onesided lp
AM-751 The Dead Machines "Zanti Misfit Style" cd
AM-752 Awkward Squad MI "Live @The Giants Drink" cd
AM-753 Tovah D-Day/The Jasons "Construction Sounds/Live" split c15
AM-754 Spykes "Patio Electronics for Insects & Bud Kouts One" cd
AM-755 Live Fry 4 Andy The Psycho 6c90 boxset
AM-756 Medical Lake "Live for Milez BBQ/Party" cd
AM-757 "Strangled Pairs" Vol Nine/"Outer Space" (Lillipad & Spykes)cd
AM-758 Encounter Group "Lost Anchor" c60
AM-759 Wolf Eyes "Garbage Plate" cd
AM-760 Tovah D Day/Invasion Status "Soundtrack For an Actual Size Gachnar" c90
AM-761 Pink Chunk Jazz Band/The Graveyards split c90
AM-762 Paradox #9 zine booklet + cd
AM-763 Awkward Squad "Solo Performance for Oil,Violin, and Arm" 2cd
AM-764 Wasteland Jazz Unit"Solar Static Coves" cd
AM-765 Live Frying= Session 8/03 Waves & Invasion Status c90
AM-766 Live Frying= Session 8/06 & 7 Awkward Squad Live cd
AM-767 Live Frying="Various 1" w/ Awkward Squad, Invasion Status, Communication Palace, & Invasion Status C90
AM-768 "Strangled Pairs" Vol Ten/"Sypked Stelzer" (howie s & spyked coorz)cd
AM-769 Live Frying= "Various 3"w/Dead Machines, Encounter Group, Invasion Status, & Lost Anchor C90
AM-770 Live Frying= "Various 2" w/Tovinater, Bottom Dweller, Body Morph, Stoning, Invasion Status, Uneven Dead, Spykes, Zoo Trip, Caves, & Communication Palace. C90
AM-771 Wolf Eyes "Garbage Plate 2" cd
AM-772 First Responder "Temperature B/W Sugar Chart" c40
AM-773 Zero Set "Empty Set is Unsolved" c40
AM-774 Live Frying= Wolf Eyes Chicago MPLS c60
AM-775 DS Hastings & DL Savings Time "95 Flashblack Attack"onesided lp
AM-776 Live Frying= Brutohilia, The Rita, Wolf Eyes/Victoria BC c90
AM-777 Live Frying= Sick Buildings, The Rita, Wolf Eyes Vancouver BC c90
AM-778 Live Frying= BSBC, Rubber O Cement, The Rita, Wolf Eyes Seattle c90
AM-779 Live Frying= Rubber O Cement, Wolf Eyes Port Angles WA c40
AM-780 "Strangled Pairs" Vol Twelve/"Green Palace" (Green Mist & spyked coorz)cd
AM-781 Live Frying= Wolf Eyes PDX, Sacto c40
AM-782 Spykes & Language "Crew Abuse" c30
AM-783 Failing Lights "Necessary Action" c34
AM-784 Hatred "Residual Waste" c34
AM-785 The Michigan League For Human Services "Oil of Beauty" c90
AM-786 Live Frying= Oi Boyz, Head Boggle, Wolf Eyes c40
AM-787 Live Frying= Hatred, Waves, Failing Lights c40
AM-788 Live Frying= Damion Romero, John Wiese, Wolf Eyes LA c90
AM-789 Live Frying= Spykes, Failing Lights, Hatred, Waves (CA) LA c90
AM-790 Cripple Crime's "Triangle" "Deny Opportunity One" c90
AM-791 "Soundtrack to No Solutions" U.Universe, D. Machines, C.C."T", PCJB c60
AM-792 Empty Set "No Solution Set One" cd
AM-793 "The Mentalist" v/a Tovah Dday, Spykes, Graveyards, C.Palace, Shared Menace c60
AM-794 "Strangled Pairs" Vol Eleven/"Kitchen Clatter" (Family Underground & Dead Machines)cd
AM-795 Lost Anchor "A Process Group" cd
AM-796 Communication Palace "Live From An Unopened Room" c60
AM-797 Trauma "The Calming Effects of the Ocean Vol. One" c30
AM-798 The New Monuments "Live" 4 cd set
AM-799 NO STATE NO SOUND compilation onesided lp