AM-801 Latrine Psychology Guild "Weighted Ghost # S" c20
AM-802 The Michigan League For Human Services "Language" c90
AM-803 Latrine Psychology Guild "Weighted Ghost # T" c20
AM-804 Latrine Psychology Guild "Weighted Ghost # U" c90
AM-805 Deterorating Agents "Party Having Jurisdiction" c60
AM-806 The Dead Machines "Substation Bathtubs" c40 + CD
AM-807 Latrine Psychology Guild "Weighted Ghost # V" c40
AM-808 Personalising Conductance "Always Parallel" cd + painting
AM-809 Latrine Psychology Guild "Weighted Ghost # X" c120
AM-810 Noise Nomads & Paul Flaherty "Live" onesided lp
AM-811 All Occupancies "For Any Player" c120
AM-812 Dwelling Unit "Load For A Dwelling" c20
AM-815 Wolf Eyes "Attack to Black" 2 cd, 2 c20's, 2 posters boxset
AM-816 An Encounter Group c90 + painting
AM-817 Graveyards "Ceilings Uneven" cd handmade covers
AM-818 Oil of Beauty/Liquid Beauty "Expired Moistener"c90
AM-819 Other Outlets "Drain Off Statics b/w Framing Members" c90
AM-820 V/A "Around the World in ZERO Days" 4cds + 2c90 + 3 posters
AM-821 Wolf Eyes "Six Pack" 6 tapes/ Flyers
AM-822 Madness "Used For Support One" c20
AM-823 Wolf Eyes "Im A Problem" Vol One C20
AM-824 Wolf Eyes "Im A Problem" Vol Two C30
AM-825 Madness "Used For Support Two" c20
AM-827 Wolf Eyes "Impersonal, Amplified, Unknown" cd
AM-828 Wolf Eyes "A Mast On No Shore" cd
AM-829 How People Speak "I Was Tempted To Tell Him That I Had I No Idea What I Really Wanted But Decided To Keep It To Myself"c60
AM-830 V/A "Learning for Insipid Zeal" = Pool Water, People Pollution, Imaginary Unit In Electronics onesided lp
AM-831 Pool Water "Live at Warm & Covering" cd
AM-832 Paradox #11 art zine + cd
AM-833 Rain Of Dissolved Sedatives "About 'Needs' and 'Crisis'"cd
AM-834 Sad Policemen "Uninvolved, and We Are The..."C90
AM-835 Zero Days United "A Front As Well As Any Other"c40
AM-836 "The Destroyed People Of Emeryville"cd + c90 set
AM-837 System Voltages "We Should Have Done This For You" c90
AM-838 The Graveyards "Live Afternoons Inside @ the 'Histories of Your Choice'" 2cds, C90, and Poster boxset
AM-839 Dead Machines "Having Holding Patterns Backwards Vol One"c40
AM-840 V/A "Learning for Insipid Zeal Two"= Maths Balance Volumes, Dog Lady, Infecto, Olson/Rammer, Oil of Beauty onesided lp
AM-841 Woman's Skin "...Is Seen Thru..." cd
AM-842 Dead Machines "Having Holding Patterns Backwards Vol Two"c90
AM-843 Night of Desired Objects "Nighttime Schedule" c90
AM-844 The Dead Machines "Superstitions of the Sea" cd
AM-845 Differential Pressures "NO/NC Chatter" c90
AM-846 Paradox #12 art zine + cd
AM-847 Cardboard Sax "Wreckage Seekers Sought Floor Sills For Leagues Of Human Service Centers" cd
AM-848 Steel Forest "Crawling Steel Hands On Dirt At Night" cd
AM-849 Infecto "Painted Pangs"c60
AM-851 Spykes "Jacked O'Lantern" c90 + Object