Am 50 Dr. Gretchen Musical Weightlifting Program "Shunned from the House of Octi" c60
Am 51 Coits "Amber Tape" c60
Am 52 First Christ of Church, Scientist "The Two Methods of Huelo Grimm" c60
Am 53 VA/ DLSTX, GRYP, E K (S) Boa 2c60
Am 54 Carr & Kahl "Communication" lp
Am 55 Extreme America Vol. 2 VA AT edition
Am 56 Witcyst "Ofonandor/Culling" c60 + book
Am 57 Expose Your Eyes/DL Savings TX "Fall Bones & Cattle Dice" split c60
Am 58 Dr. GMWP "Plays the Universal Indians" one sided lp
Am 59 Birchville Cat Motel "Love, Lies, Bleeding" c60
Am 60 Dr. GMWP "Live & Basement Summer 98" c30
Am 61 GI & The Spykes "Untitled" c60
Am 62 Neil Campbell & Universal Indians Split Tour cd
Am 63 Universal Indians "Thrist of the Worm" one-sided lp
Am 64 Julian Bradley & Neil Campbell lp
Am 65 GI & The Spykes "Domestic Suite for Stringless Viceroy Guitar" c30
Am 66 Dr. GMWP/All Out with Lasse split cd
Am 67 Words of the Incryption Convict "Sound for Short Tongue" c10
Am 68 Armpit "Otra Cafe (Gary Coleman Disease)" c60
Am 69 F. Douris "Rohypnol" c90
Am 70 GI & Spykes "A Year of People Behind Your Back" c90
Am 71 Universal Indians "Stakes & Guys" c60
Am 72 The Doomsdayzzz "Animal Hair on Fabric" c90
Am 73 Ugly Borns "Sound Gym" c30
Am 74 The Dr. GMWP "Communicator Series" c60
Am 75 GI & The Spykes "Magnetic Tape Haterzz" c60
Am 76 "Dawn of the Dead" one sided lp
Am 77 Reynols "Sonirdode Lo Mofifero" cd
Am 78 Paekong Mae "This Year in Marions Bladder" AT edition
Am 79 Universal Indians "Michigan Progressive" c60
Am 80 Universal Indians "Heavy Rock Spectacular" c90
Am 81 Basket Case "Brain Disease" c10
Am 82 Basket Case "Locked Closets" c90
Am 83 Scarce Supply lp AT edition
Am 84 K2 cd
Am 85 "Bone Columns" c30
Am 86 "Sand Bagged Lagoon" c60
Am 87 "Double Right Hands" c60
Am 88 Universal Indians "Heavy Rock Spectacular Vol. 2" c90
Am 89 "Empty Flour Top" c30
Am 90 "Dark Season of ID" c60
Am 91 Early Indians lp
Am 92 Dr. GMWP "Fast & Forward" c30
Am 93 Lake Bottoms c90
Am 94 Untitled c30
Am 95 "II" c10
Am 96 Commune Ills c90
Am 97 Cass Chamber c60
Am 98 Have You Seen the Shining? C90
Am 99 Untitled c10
Am 100 Universal Indians "Sloth Nest" lp
Am 101 Untitled c10
Am 102 "Short Buckets" 2c60
Am 103 "Human Mongrel" c60
Am 104 "Island of the Forbidden Face" one sided lp
Am 105 "Blood Children" c60
Am 106 Basket Case "Stomach Rot" 2c90
Am 107 "Attic Chairs" c60
Am 108 "Mountain Wires" c60
Am 109 Graveyards "Doom x5" cd
Am 110 Esso Steel cd
Am 111 "Open Cave Mouth #1" c10
Am 112 Basket Case "Keep the Humans Alive" cd
Am 113 Graveeaters cd
Am 114 "Open Cave Mouth #2" c60
Am 115 Spykes "Snake Mouth" c15
Am 116 "Low Dusk" c60
Am 117 "Crawling Hands" c60
Am 118 Shifts "Modal" cd
Am 119 Spykes "Fillings BC" c90
Am 120 The Dr. GMWP "Song Marrow" cd
Am 121 Graveyards "Spine Envy" cd
Am 122 The Slathered "Rotten Magic" cd
Am 123 Spykes "Muffler Creek" c90
Am 124 Sof Tillians Very Good & ... "And English Dream" c60
Am 125 Crawlspace "Huck & Tom at Fillmore East" cd
Am 126 GI & Spykes "Underneath Style" cd
Am 127 Enemy Brains "Melted Shop Vac" cd
Am 128 Graveyards "Duo" c10
Am 129 Basket Case "Woods are Stacked" c60
Am 130 Universal Indians "Sound of One Brain Dying Vol. 1" cd
Am 131 Dr. GMWP "Electric Fence" cd
Am 132 Spykes "Hollow Rats" c10
Am 133 Lake Bottoms "Are Woken" cd
Am 134 Spykes "Black Steam" c90
Am 135 Spykes "Magic Bones" c20
Am 136 Enemy Brains "Live in Detroit" cd
Am 137 Have You Seen the Shining? "II" c60
Am 138 Spykes "Mouth Wash" c90
Am 139 Spykes "Black Steam 2" c60
Am 140 Spykes "Bark" c90
Am 141 Government Alpha "Death Techno" cd
Am 142 Spykes "Snake Choked on Sand" c20 + cd
Am 143 Aaron Dilloway/John Olson "Coyote Ugly" cd
Am 144 Weapons "If its human, dump it" cd + 2c20
Am 145 Weapons "Grey Pool" cd + c90
Am 146 The Basket Case "Arch. Vo. 1" cd
Am 147 Wolf Eyes & Spykes "Live Summer 00" c30
Am 148 Spykes & Weapons "ShoreLess" c90
Am 149 Wolf Eyes & Spykes "Half Dogs" cd
Am 150 Handicapper Horns "Skin Reeded" c60