Am 151 Spykes & Weapons "Throat Mars" c60
Am 152 Ugly Borns "Contact Flour Live" cd
Am 153 Weapons "Closed" c15
Am 154 Spykes "Live" c60
Am 155 Jean Street "Chain Fight" cd
Am 156 Spykes on Mountains "Furs as Lies" c60
Am 157 Universal Indians "Sound of One Brain Dying Part Two" cd
Am 158 Spykes "Cleared" c20
Am 159 Demoon Skirt "Tounge Tear" c90
Am 160 Dr. Gretchen Musical Weightlifting Program "Lung Pyrmids" cd
Am 161 Demoon Skirt "Crest Claw" c60
Am 162 Wolf Eyes w/ Spykes "Egypt Skull" cd
Am 163 Demoon Skirt "Winter Fist" c60
Am 164 Local Disorder "Magic Spells of the Gagged" cd +c60
Am 165 The Basket Case "Archive #2" cd
Am 166 A. Dilloway "Rotten Ears" c30
Am 167 Nautical Almanac "Two Mutants or Two Mongrels" cd
Am 168 Wolf Eyes "Cut the Dog b/w Friday the 13th" 7"
Am 169 Dead Comet Alive c60
Am 170 Spykes "Rat Patrols" cd
Am 171 The Lakes Bottoms "Secret Well" cd
Am 172 Wolf Eyes "Moral Witchcraft" cd
Am 173 Local Disorder "Wire Rope" c60
Am 174 Coyote Ugly "Part Two" cd
Am 175 Wolf Eyes "Droll" c90
Am 176 Dr. GMWP "Lies by Night" cd
Am 177 Wolf Eyes "Fuck Cleveland" cd
Am 178 Local Disorder "Fake Plant Face" cd + c20 + c60
Am 179 Bass Face cd
Am 180 Dead Comet Alive "People Hating Trees" c60
Am 181 Wolf Eyes "Scowl" cd
Am 182 Local Disorder "Tales from a Toungeless Observer" 2c60 + cd
Am 183 Dr. GMWP "Tunnel Rays" cd
Am 184 Wolf Eyes "Droll Part 2" c90
Am 185 Dead Comet Alive "Jailed: 1857-2057" cd
Am 186 Demoon Skirt "Ordered Blackout" c90
Am 187 Wolf Eyes "Sandpapered Eyes" cd
Am 188 Dead Brain "Cold Water on Brain" c60
Am 189 Dead Brain "Hysteria" c90
Am 190 Wolf Eyes "Dread" lp
Am 191 Jean Street "Chain Fight 2" one-sided c60
Am 192 Noslo & Dilvamen c60
Am 193 Coyote Ugly Vol. 3 cd
Am 194 Beast People "Wall Eaters" cd
Am 195 Skanatel Attack c60
Am 196 Local Disorder "Creeping Wave" c60
Am 197 Dead Comet Alive "Live" cd
Am 198 Wolf Eyes "Droll Vol. 3" 2c60
Am 199 The Basket Case "Archive #3" c60
Am 200 Black Eyes "Chimes in Black Water Vol. 1" cd