Am 201 Darno Dilvamen "Non Growing Back" cd
Am 202 Flim Toby "Selected Works" cd
Am 203 Words of the Incryption Convict "Cornered Missile" c60
Am 204 Words of the Incryption Convict "Cornered Missile Vol. 2" cd
Am 205 Wolf Eyes "Throat Virus Alive" cd
Am 206 The Breckman Duo "Public Firewall" cd
Am 207 v/a "Leper Choked by a Black Fog" 6 x c60 box set
Am 208 Aaron Dilloway "Herbst Child" c60
Am 209 Paekong Mae "Live at the Blood Eaters Rooms" cd
Am 210 Wolf Eyes "Not Our Laws 3" cd
Am 211 Coyote Ugly "Frenzy" 3" cd
Am 212 Local Disorder "Black Wells" c60
Am 213 Wolf Eyes "Droll Vol 4" c60
Am 214 Local Disorder "Black Wells Vol 2" c60
Am 215 Local Disorder "Black Wells Vol 3" cd
Am 216 Wolf Eyes "Not Our Laws" 3" cd
Am 217 Dead Brain "The Mangler" c60
Am 218 Aaron Dilloway "Insect Voice" one sided lp
Am 219 Siege Machine "Live 6/28/00" cd
Am 220 The Slathered "Roaming Black Bones" cd
Am 221 Universal Indians "Flashblack Vol. 1" cd
Am 222 Tornado Boys c10
Am 223 Wolf Eyes "Black Aroma" cd
Am 224 Coyote Ugly "Grey Milk Eyes" one sided 7"
Am 225 Spykes "Memory Glands" one sided 7"
Am 226 Wolf Eyes "Music for Valie Export" cd
Am 227 Dr. GMWP "Forest Shadows" one sided 7"
Am 228 Graveyards one sided 7"
Am 229 Wolf Eyes "Droll Vol 7" c60
Am 230 Coyote Ugly "Halloween Slaughterhouse" cd
Am 231 Wolf Eyes "Droll Vol 5" c60
Am 232 Local Disorder "Language" c60
Am 233 Wolf Eyes "Ya'll Must Really Be Mad at Something" cd
Am 234 Wolf Eyes "Black Rat Floods" 3" cd
Am 235 Fountain of Youth "Live in Kentucky" 3" cd
Am 236 Wolf Eyes "Dead Hills" 3" cd
Am 237 Wolf Eyes "Droll Vol. 6" c60
Am 238 Wolf Eyes "Posession Tissues" 4 x cd
Am 239 Fountain of Youth "Live in Kentucky" 3" cd
Am 240 Fountain of Youth "The Golden Zoo" c60
Am 241 Coyote Ugly "Heart Leporacy" cd
Am 242 Universal Indians "Flashblack Vol 2" cd
Am 243 V/A "Night of the Electricity Haterzz" cd
Am 244 Wolf Eyes "Snake Transmitters" cd
Am 245 Black Dice & Wolf Eyes "Chimes in Black Water Vol 2" cd
Am 246 Rented Race "Tunnel Travelers" c60
Am 247 Basket Case "Archive Vol 4" 2 x c60
Am 248 Wolf Eyes "Droll Vol 8" c60
Am 249 Wolf Eyes "Powerless" onesided 7"
Am 250 Wolf Eyes "Throats Filled With Concrete"