Am 251 Wolf Eyes "Droll Vol 9" c60
Am 252 Fountain of Youth "Live at the Ice Lake" c60
Am 253 V/A "Night of the Lone Wolf" cd
Am 254 Rented Race "Night/Day Disease" onesided c60
Am 255 Wolf Eyes "Droll Vol. 11"  c60
Am 256 Wolf Eyes "Dry Sockets" onsided 7" 
Am 257 Ralph Neri "Early Michigan Progressives 1" cd
Am 258 Universal Indians "Flashblack Vol. 3" c90
Am 259 Wolf Eyes "Interminal Bleedings" cd
Am 260 Dead Comet Alive "Plays From Inverted Sewers" cd
Am 261 Kevin Drum & Aaron Dilloway "I Drink Your Skin" c60
Am 262 Olson & Gross "Sax & Electronics" cd
Am 263 Local Disorder "Ghoul Slaughters"
Am 264 Wolf Eyes "Strangled In Filth" cd
Am 265 Local Disorder "Ghoul Slaughters 2" c60
Am 266 Rented Race "Wave Blasts Vats" c60
Am 267 The Dead Machines "Grave Blankets" c60
Am 268 The Dead Machines "Organs Without A Body" c60 + c90
Am 269 Iovae Untitled cd
Am 270 The Digital Domain "A Demonstration" cd
Am 271 Local Disorder "Ghoul Slaughters 3" c60
Am 272 Weapons "Searchlights" c10
Am 273 Wolf Eyes "Fuck Birmingham" c90
Am 274 Ugly Musuem "The Texas Chainsaw Massacre" c90
Am 275 Noh Humans "Removers BC" C10
Am 276 Milch Grande & Dylan Nyoukis "Bruno Willis Pussy Hands" cd
Am 276 The Dead Machines "Live From The Sandblasters Court" cd
Am 277 Words Of The Incryption Convict "London Marrow" c60
Am 278 Wolf Eyes "Droll Vol 12" c60
Am 279 Black Dice & Wolf Eyes "Chimes in Black Water Vol 3" cd
Am 280 Noh Humans "Scenes From Nerve Bomb" cd
Am 281 Wolf Eyes "Biles" cd
Am 282 Black Tent/Cotton Musuem/Noh Humans "Malaria Brains" c60
Am 283 Brinkman's Dead Brain "Mind Fuse Blown" c10
Am 284 The Dead Machines "Discontented Statics" c60
Am 285 Dead Comet Alive "Blood Storms" cs
Am 286 Noh Humans "Scenes from Nerve Bomb" cd
Am 288 Smegma and Wolf Eyes cs
Am 289 Community Mental Health "Untitled" cd
Am 290 Spykes "The Nero Wave" c30
Am 291 Dead Comet Alive "Fever Swarms" c32
Am 291 Community Mental Health "The Sea Peoples" record object
Am 292 The Dead Machines "Commence Received" c32.
Am 293 Tovah D- Day "Anomic Croaton" one sided c32
Am 294 Guam River Yellow Philharmonic "Underwater Caverns" one sided record object lp.
Am 295 Nautical Almanac & Dead Machines "The Twilight Zone" c90
Am 296 Dead Air Recent DAS gig of Dead Machines + Aaron Dilloway CD
Am 297 Wolf Eyes "Asylum Style Part Two" CD
Am 298 Fountain of Youth "Plays the East Lansing Folk Festival" c30