Am 350 Connelly & The Machines "Worm Shrine" c60
Am 351 Wolf Eyes "Asylum Style 5" cd
Am 352 Dead Machines "Unearthed Tunnelings" cd
AM 353 "Seance Marked" c10
Am 354 Dead Brain & Brain Dead "Rotten Phases" cd
Am 355 Absence of Rat Feedings cd
Am 356 Wolf Eyes & John Wiese "Two" cd
AM 357 Wolf Eyes "Droll Vol 15" c6
AM 358 Wolf Eyes "Droll Vol 14" c6
AM 359 Wolf Eyes "Asylum Style 6" cd
AM 360 Medical Lake "One" c90
AM 361 The Plague Bells "Hyrdofils Two" cd
AM 362 Dead Machines "Plays Committed Dose" cd
AM 363 Committed Dose cd
AM 364 Dead Machines "Human Brain Wasting Syndrome" test press lp
AM 365 Dead Machines "A Closer Look" c30
AM 366 Weird Feeling "First Part" c60
AM 367 Weird Feeling "Second Part" c60
AM 368 Dead Machines "Reverse Sea Bombings" 2cd
AM 369 Dead Machines "Webbings" cd
AM 370 Wolf Eyes "Burned Mind" lp
AM 371 Boiling Seas 3c60
AM 372 Wolf Eyes "Droll Vol 17" c6
AM 373 Double Leporads & Wolf Eyes "Breeding Turbines" c30
AM 374 Wolf Eyes "Asylum Style 7" cd
AM 375 Wolf Eyes "Droll Vol 18" c6
AM 376 John Wiese & Wolf Eyes "3" cd
AM 377 Demoon Skirt "Empty Spells" c90
AM 378 Dead Machines "Distant Lines" c30
AM 379 Death C.O.M.M "3- Nighthawks" c90
AM 380 Prurient "Sixty Minutes of Silence" c60
AM 381 The Frying Membrane Boyz "Waiting for Minded" cd
AM 382 The Solvent People 1st c10
AM 383 Wolf Eyes "Live at Banfields East" cd
AM 384 AM 385 The Solvent People 2nd c10
AM 386 The Solvent People 3rd c10
AM 387 Death K>C>O>M>M "Non-World Dog Wars" CD
AM 388 Birth Refusal "Cremation Remains" CD
AM 389 The Steel Forest "Before/After" CD
AM 390 Hive Mind & Dead Brain "Unearthed Union Two" CD
AM 391 Brain Health c90
AM 392 The Man Who Ate Himself "First Supper" c90
AM 393 John Olson Untitled 2c60 + can + print
AM 394 Spykes "Silent Locks" box set Lp + CD + Tape
AM 395 Dead Machines Hair Police "Speech of the Eyeless Infant/The Hills Have Eyes" split LP
AM 396 Saturday Night Live "Flooded Low Wayz" c40
AM 397 Dead Machines "The Face Behind the Sun" c60
AM 398 Spykes untitled c60
AM 399 Dead Machines "Every Hour of Every Day" 6cd
AM 400 Basketcase "Locked Closets" cd + 1 sided LP