New American Tapes Inzanity: Slow and Steady Summer Burn Style: AM-829 How People Speak "I Was Tempted To Tell Him That I Had I No Idea What I Really Wanted But Decided To Keep It To Myself"c60 Longest Title Ever!! Killer new strange-home-eerie boundary-limiter language-soundtrack unit. Uber ???? Very similar to going to a Drive Inn in a summer afternoon with a trunk full of rotting mulch which you eat by the handful while you watch Happy Days bloopers in reverse. And the Roach is in the backseat, chuckling along to very strange parts of the flick. Complete frozen non sensica la muscia. Double Right Hand Style electronics and autosuggestive digestive static's cover the sky. Title is a quote from Bolano's mind-blowing "Savage Detectives" book. Color Covers: Numbered Edition of 50. $8

AM-830 V/A "Learning for Insipid Zeal" = Pool Water, People Pollution, Imaginary Unit In Electronics one-sided LP Whoa! Hold on now! Here's the big one! All recorded in a one week in late April, here's the line up: Track One ) Pool Water: Super new heavy unit with Connelly, Zone One and Mega Mike Collino. Violin, kitchen percussion, slow tapes - every ingredient to make your pulse quicken/slow-en!!! The track sounds more akin to a Cook Labs recording of a train journey thru a snow covered mountain at midnight rather than three mug blokes in ultra concentrated jam mode.... Will make your skin stand at attention, soldier!! Recorded in Inzane-Dimension sound with the IZTF in full effect mode. Mad style: File Under: Misshapen Jam Growths. Track Two ) People Pollution: What the? Ultra distorted retardo basement rock trio with Juice & Raddix (AKA Raven Strain Matt and Fag Health AKA Sick Llama Heath) on guitar and bass and Inzane on plodding go nowhere drumming. Was meant to be a Justice-style garage unit turned Frankenstein- style into a twisted distorted Mega-mess! Recorded under the influence of afternoon sun, left over Milwaukee Beasts from the Aries Assault party, and the shadows of the dank interiors of the Frying Pan. WARNING! = worst guitar/bass tone on earth!! Would make Joe Young, Vorkriegphase, and Wretched sell they kitty littered amp speakers for opening a Baskin and Robin's Franchise. Just a stinking rocking mess of a track!! More to come by this mutant unit! Name taken from a strange puzzle the puzzler master Tovah found in a rotten Lansing thrift store. Track Three ) Imaginary Unit in Electronics: Im sure ya'll are like "Why not just call the jam J?" Well, Im not quite sold on the concept of being that you cant take the square root of a negative, but you CAN call it a J and then next thing you know it has a value of 1 or-1. Huh? When rad Instructor Max got asked the question by a stunned Electrical Math class, he just looked down, counted his voltage, current, and resistance markers and said, "Well, that's a discussion for Carl Jung." Shit, lost me too. Like the button my crazed mom had (no ya turkey, not the OVERSEXED one) , = "Ninety Percent of Life is Just Showing Up." True. Soundtrack for confusion, included. So what the hell else for this heavy pack? How about a stupid-colorful overload hand painted collab jackets with artist Raymond Salvatore Harmon, painted in Automatic Writing Style. Why? Cause Tyfuss once told me "Zines and Collaborations keep the underground scene together and alive" You got it!!! Killer flow and strange new sounds will leave your day inzanity haunted with this new comp platter!!! Go nutzo young player. Edition of 100, numbered, hand done, THE WORKS. $15

AM-831 Pool Water "Live at Warm & Covering" cd As debuted above is the new power trio of Connelly, Ol' Zone One, and Massive Mike Collino. Recorded snug in the shadowed corner of the sacred Cove, three twisting and grossly vacant narratives to the torrid ambient static between your ears! Violin, cardboard percussion, flute, tapes: a smorgasbord of wicked ingredients/instruments to force your day into a magic-fueled vessel!! Captured in high inzane-fidelty with the new portable Inzane Zone Traveling Four Trick (IZTF). Good vibes inside means seriously jam business within the Jason/Freddy adorned walls of the Conn Artist's COMFORT ZONE. We would met up at the cove, bust some "launcher" recs., drink, get loose and head to the studio for SERIOUS concentration into the void. Hours later Collino would bounce and me and the Conner would play chess in total silence until the wee hours. Beyond stokered on this new troupe, more lurking sounds down the pipeline, below the streets, creeping/movin inward!!! The lone Michigan unit with two Mikes in it? No whoops, The Underwear Heads had THREE "zany" Mikes involved, sorry. Color Covers, numbered edition of 60. $10

AM-832 Paradox #11 art zine + cd The 2-D inzanity continues!! Second double digit eyeball voodoo edition!! Ten pages of whatthe? Collage and sketch in total inzane style. Scribble-sprawl automatic visual OD, if a face don't look good, morph-that-mug stylings. Find your path through the cut and paste upside down universe!! Color covers, b & w gutz, hand sewn binding, with cd soundtrack to seal the experience. Numbered edition of 40. $15

AM-833 Rain Of Dissolved Sedatives "About 'Needs' and 'Crisis'"cd Needs and Crisis, always. Yet another new unit, crazy patchwork of crazed sounds, all over the stinking place. Junk sounds, piercing electronics, non sense overload carefully placed together. Direct quote number three from our man Bolano. Negative space is like a first date, keep it kool, organized, low and steady. R.O.D.S = I.N.Z.A.N.E. New instruments, style, magnetism gone loose and wicked. Color Covers, numbered edition of 60. $10

AM-834 Sad Policemen "Uninvolved, and We Are The..."C90 Sad Policemen? Give me a stinkin break! Have you ever seen a 5-0 looking sad or depressed? They are all over in Lansing, cause they are stuck giving 30 in a 25 zone and loud muffler tickets! So they do exisit! Shit, I even heard Worm Evening Miles has an ultra heavy Cop Loner Folk waxsection to prove it! Nothing but muscles, mustache's, and sad looks! No label names, just a precinct. Rarest wax section second only to the NARC instrumental 10"ers ive only heard about. Me and boyz saw a crew of cops in Mexico City once hanging with machine guns and jammin "Boys Don't Cry" - hell no they weren't depressed. I heard they once had a Sad Cop Night (SNC) at the Pleasuredome, as the story has it is was just really annoying cause all the law types just wanted to corner you to have a shoulder to cry on. Guess Dour was there and got really freaked out, tried to the call the cops on the party to shut it down and realized they were already there! Here come the water works!! Abstract law-enforcement sound, but loner style. Huh? Color covers, edition of 50, numbered. $8

AM-835 Zero Days United "A Front As Well As Any Other"c40 Around the World in Zero Days style! Free electronic music gone totally haywire. The Final Newbie of the batch! Soundz of huge things clanging around out of eye sight. One take strange flow real time inzanity. Recorded in the ultimate time for audio wicthcraft: Late afternoon style. Totally different feel from the other outlets, reeds, flute, strangeness, tension. Boosh. Color Covers, numbered edition of 50. $8

Tovinator-13 Tony Conrad and Tovah Olson "Let There Be Music" one-sided LP "YES!!! Finally!! Angus and Bon Scott would def. label this knockout collab as grade A T-N-T!!! Here's how it went down: The Machines were kicking it Brooklyn style last January for some jam time with Burning Sess Core, and the Tovinator had a solo slot in Glasslands on Super Bowl Sunday. Seeing how we both were worked up from the Pitts power plays and amazing Puck and Queen B quality time, Thurston added fuel to the fire and suggested that Conrad hit the stage with Tovah. Seeing how Tony only had his pajamas and an rusty old auto harp in tow, the aural jam scape was destined to be stripped down and tense. So here are the results!! Tovah on tin can "voice", tapes, and the sheet metal/spring "mailbox" sculpture and Tony on unprocessed auto harp. No drone sound in sight, just a clanging, echoed, tangled sharp barbed nasty JAM. Super duper, like nothing else in either discography. Could be seen as a celebration in real time to the STEELERS, with STEEL and STRINGS. Amazing!!!! Edition of 200 in super weird covers, hand numbered. $15

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next update will be late august with new wax from Pink Chunk Jazz Band and other new mutant jam Units!!!
summer tour round ups:
BIRTH REFUSAL / HIVE MIND/ UNEVEN UNIVERSE / EVENINGS !!! Thursday July 16th Toledo Oh @ Gabe's Mansion details/flyer soon Friday July 17th The Mopery, Chicago IL Saturday July 18 instore at Good Style Shop 6pm Madison WI

GRAVEYARDS!!!! (Hell, Olzone, Riggs trio) Thursday July 30th Rochester, NY Bug Jar w/Pengo Friday July 31 Montreal, QC @ casa del popolo or Friendship Cove. Saturday Aug 1 Boston Wire Sounds (AKA Max Lords Loft) +Vic Rawlings wsg/Lescalleet and Kelley 8pm Sunday Aug 2nd Weirdo Records Instore - solo sets / afternoon Sunday Aug 2nd Northampton, Mass with Matt Krefting Band & Noise Nomads/P. Flathery Monday Aug 3rd Albany NY @ Flipped Out Jacks with Burnt Hills, others Tuesday Aug 4th Brooklyn NY @ Death by Audio Weds Aug 5th Philly, PA @ PLays and Players 1714 Delancy Street 8pm Thursday Aug 6th Pittsburg, PA @ Garfield Artworks Friday Aug 7th Cleveland OH @ S. Goldberg's Ben Hall Saturday Aug 8th Cinn. OH @ Art Damage